Directions for yourself to follow

Follow the Rules! Genre: Directions for yourself to follow, using an imaginary authority figure to tell you what you should do. Audience: Yourself Format: Follow exactly the format of Girl by Jamaica Kinkaid (107) or White Trash Primer by Johnson (570). Write one full page single spaced directive. Deadline: Typed paper copy due in classroom on Monday, Nov.12. After peer review in class, submit to the Assignments Dropbox by 11:59 p.m. Monday. Purpose: To reflect on rules we are given to adhere to cultural expectations. Directions: Read Girl by Jamaica Kinkaid, then write a similar directive to yourself. Kinkaid gives rules for daily activities, romantic and household duties, cooking, and schedulingall with the underlying message that you must follow these rules to avoid becoming an immoral person. Or choose instead White Trash Primer by Lacy Johnson and create a primer for your life. Be sure you use both the rules and that message in your own essay. (Have fun with thiswhile sticking to the rules.) Points: 5 possible. There is one draft only submitted, no revision on this assignment. Total points possible for the semester course: 100.

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