Discuss how performance management

Discuss how performance management is related to

There are many different approaches to performance management. Although one would like to assume that there is a best way, the organization needs to evaluate the cost and benefits of their plans. 1. Discuss how performance management is related to the strategic goals and needs of the organization. 2. Discuss giving feedback on performance- the dos and donts and how the strategic and cultural norms play a role in this process. 3. There are many innovative methods for performance management. Compare and contrast at least two methods. Discuss the reliability and validity of the method. 4. What are the ethical issues and factors affecting performance decisions? 5. Critically evaluate a current or past employer on the methods of performance management. If you were the HR consultant for your fictitious or real organization, what do you recommend/propose for your organization (fictitious or real) for a performance management strategy? 6. What are the risks and challenges the organization faces by implementing the plan you recommend? 7. Provide an example of ways in which it is effectively or ineffectively implemented. Elaborate upon and assess this situation. There are many plans and forms available online that are pertinent. If you use a plan from an online source or from your current organization, you must cite in text and provide the reference. lessons attached 500 word 3 citations Lesson5.docxchp10.docxHuman_resource_performance_met.pdfGenerating_organisational_perf.pdfwhatdrives.pdfUNDERSTANDING_THE_VALUE_AND_FO

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