Documentation and Bibliography (consistent

Documentation and Bibliography (consistent format using

Student Name: Course, Semester/Session: Criminal Investigation Spring 2018 Session D Assignment: Technical Matters: (worth 20% of total points) Title page (2 points) Documentation and Bibliography (consistent format using selected style [e.g., APA]) (4 points) College-level vocabulary (4 points) Grammar and sentence structure (no more than two [2] errors) (5 points) Spelling (no more than two [2] errors) (5 points) Content Matters: (worth 80% of total points) Introduction: stating purpose and providing a summary of contents (5 points) Conclusion: presented a resolution or application of contents, or summary of contents (5 points) Research: Presents a well-researched literature review or paper using a variety of scholarly sources in order to investigate and describe the subject studied and the context of this subject (20 points) Critical Thinking & Evaluation: Demonstrates ability to interact with sources/alternative points of view, to question assumptions/paradigms, and to draw conclusions from the materials/sources studied (20 points) Organization: Paper is structured with a logical and smooth presentation of argument (15 points) Clarity: Papers subject, concepts, thesis, and arguments are explained precisely, clearly, and effectively (15 points) Grade Summary: Professors Signature: Stephen A. Webb /s/ Technical Matters: /20 Date: Content Matters: /80 Total Grade: /100 Additional Comments:

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