Your questions and the name of the person (or persons) you plan to interview, including their credentials and an explanation of why you think they would make a good interview subject, must be submitted in advance. These questions should present a rough idea of the type of information that you are trying to gather through the interview process. These questions are your notes for the interview. You should submit a minimum of five questions, and a maximum of twenty. Please dont feel confined to asking only the questions that you turn in. An effective interview is usually more like a conversation that is focused around a topic (your questions), rather than an interrogation. When considering interview subjects, you should think about what kind of people will be the most fruitful subjects of an interview. What sorts of information will make your final paper more interesting? What kinds of things would you like to know more about, and who could tell you about them? What kind of people have legitimate authority to speak on a subject? For example, if youre writing a paper on nuclear energy, you most likely wouldnt interview an auto mechanic. But who knows? Maybe the mechanic has a PhD in nuclear physics. You are only required to conduct one interview, but you may conduct as many as three, if you find this sort of research useful. Documentation: Documentationmustinclude: Either transcripts (if you recorded your interview) or your interview notes (typed and organized). This is raw data. This means that you must either record your interview or take detailed notes during the interview. A summary and synthesis of the information you gained from the interview. Information that you might include are, for example, what you found that was unexpected, what you found that warrants further investigation, and what you found that was unsurprising. You should also mention what specific information from the interview you think you will include in your final paper. No excuses will be accepted for not includingbothparts in your documentation. Finally, a word about protocol: You dont need to tape record your interviews, but if you do, you should ask the subject if it is okay to tape before you start recording. After you start the recorder, you should state your name and the date and time, ask your subject to state his or her name, and ask her or him again if its okay for you to record. This is a way of gaining legal release to use the material that you are collecting. It reallyisnta necessity, since chances are that you wont want to publish this paper, but its a good habit to get into. Additionally, make sure you thank the person for his or her time.

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