Due to growth at BizOps Enterprises,

Project background Aspire Training & Consulting Page 1 of 1 Document date: July 2015 [unit code and title] .. [student name] [id] [date] . Due to growth at BizOps Enterprises, we have decided to look at how we can expand our head office by refurbishing and fitting out the front building. We will need to employ workers across a range of occupations and trades, including engineers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and cabinet-makers, and painters. Nail guns, jackhammers, power tools, elevated work platforms and scaffolding, and a range of other building and construction equipment will be used extensively. The building being renovated fronts a busy street; construction activities will need to ensure vehicle and pedestrian traffic is safe and uninterrupted. WHS system implementation and maintenance tasks over the coming weeks leading up to commencement of work include: confirming legislative requirements identifying relevant roles and responsibilities resourcing the WHS management system establishing appropriate induction and training providing participation and consultation arrangements for establishing the WHS management system developing processes for identifying and resolving issues implementing hazard and risk control procedures that ensure legislative compliance. The work health and safety management system (WHSMS) must also provide a mechanism for evaluating the effectiveness of the processes, which you and your WHSMS team will put in place.

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