ease go through the attached

ease go through the attached document for understanding what I need in this research paper. Topic : Photolysis of Nitrate Ions and their Influence on the Atmosphere. I am thinking this is too general topic but the write have to pick well-focused topic from the mentioned topic. Format : ACS (American Chemistry society) References : Your paper should contain references to at least ten peer-reviewed journal articles published since 2010 in ACS jounals (or other equivalently impactful journals like Science, Nature, or Nano Letters). There should be at least five other peer-reviewed journal articles cited as well, for an absolute minimum of fifteen peer-reviewed articles cited. Most students find that they need more references than the minimum, and that not every article they read will necessarily become incorporated into their paper. Note : The details of the paper: The research paper have 7 pieces and each piece to submit every alternative week. The pieces of the paper are : Bibliography , Outline, Figures and Tables, First Draft, Peer-reviews, Second Draft, Final Submissions. So the above pieces have each individual deadlines. So, the write should able to give me each chunk until the final submission with entire research paper.

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