EDP386 Assignment 2 Guidance

EDP386 Assignment 2 Guidance

Message :Developmental report & Progress report to parents EDP386 Assignment 2 GuidanceAssessment 2 weighted 40% (guidance 1,500 words total)Part a) (1,000 words guidance) Developmental report to parents/carers recognising the importance of working in partnership, sharing information from using various methods of observations linked to the quality planning cycle to assist childrens development. For Part a, we would like to see a more formal developmental report to parents to demonstrate how you have made a judgement about their childs learning, what is the basis of the judgement and how you will continue to support their child within the classroom to make progress. This should capture what you plan to do moving forward, including any specific forms of observation planned to use, what areas of learning will be focused on and how it will be addressed in the planning. For example, you could write about their child needing more gross motor exposure, therefore they will be part of the next forest group, with more opportunities for large movements outdoors. This will assist in moving towards strengthening the arm muscles, then the use of the forest tools will aid in developing fine motor skills, crucial to the skills required for future writing. You can base this information on one of your focus children from TP1. If this is not possible, you can write hypothetically. Appendices can be included to show observations and assessments of learning, but this is not a requirement due to the current circumstances. However, you do need to demonstrate in your writing that you understand how such information could be gathered. While the report is to be addressed to parents, it should be academic in nature to show your understanding and include references to literature. It could be written as a document that could support a professional in making specific judgements about a child, as can often be required in practice.Part b) (500 words guidance) Progress report to parents of focus child 1 identifying phonics progress made since initial observation with suggestions of opportunities for parents to develop this outside of the setting and recommended further reading/websites potentially useful to parents in supporting their childs progress. This again can be based on your TP1 information on the focus child who should have had a Literacy focus. If you do not have this information available, you can do this hypothetically. This is a more parent friendly format and you can choose how to lay this out. However, you are still expected to include some referencing to demonstrate you have been accessing reading and where the sources are from. The focus of this report is Phonics progress. Show the progression the child has made from the initial observation and how to continue extending learning at home. The key in this report is the focus on parent partnership and building on the learning that is happening at home too. You should include references for the resources suggested if they are links to specific websites or branded material. You can of course also design / develop / suggest something more unique and bespoke, as long as you justify this with effective referencing (research shows that X, Y, Z is beneficial to pre-literacy development, etc.). The choice is yours.

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