Engineering and Information Technology

Engineering and Information Technology

Page 1 of 2 UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY SYDNEY Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology Energy Planning and Policy Program 49021 Evaluation of Infrastructure Investments Assignment # 2 Set 20 April 2018 Due 10 May 2018 Notes: 1. You must type-write your report. The minimum permissible font size for the report is 12 (Times Roman) or equivalent. 2. There is no tolerance on line limits. 3. Marks will ONLY be awarded for succinct and cogent discussion. Page 2 of 2 PART A (40 marks) Please answer the following questions on the basis of a review of the following case study1: Pearce, D.W. (1983) A Case Study: The Gordon-below-Franklin Dam, in CostBenefit Analysis, Macmillan, London, pp. 90-105 (attached). a) What was the main controversy in the evaluation of Gordon-below-Franklin proposal? (no more than two lines) b) Why did this controversy arise? (no more than two lines) c) How was this controversy resolved? (no more than two lines) d) What substantive insights did you gain from reviewing this case study? (no more than two lines). PART B (30 marks) Develop a philosophical critique on each of the following foundational concepts that underpin Cost-Benefit analysis. You should develop this critique in the context of large infrastructure projects (no more than two lines for each concept). a) Hedonism b) Utilitarianism c) Anthropocentrism PART C (30 marks) How do the above noted critique undermine the applicability of Cost-Benefit analysis as a tool for evaluating large infrastructure projects? (no more than three lines). 1 Some additional material on Case-study: Department of Finance (1991) Handbook of Cost-Benefit Analysis, Australian Government Publishing Services, Canberra (attached).

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