Entering, need pictures and body language

LESSON PLAN FORMAT Date: Grade: 1/c Student Teacher Name: Section: 30X ID: ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFILE SPEAKING AND LISTENING (Describe students oral proficiency in English) Beginning, student can use phrases and short sentences and use the keywords in the sentences. READING AND WRITING (Describe students literacy skills in English) Entering, need pictures and body language to understand input. Student know basic oral language and literacy such as, how to write their names and how to count. Time: Number of Students: 21 Content Strand: NUMBER Addition and Subtraction Inquiry Question: Skills Learning Outcome: LeSSON Outcomes: (Write down what the students will learn and be able to do or know by the end of the lesson). Students will be able to: CONTENT LANGUAGE Materials/Resources Needed: (Describe the classroom resources needed as well as additional resources such as whiteboard, markers, computer station, projector, textbooks) COMMENTS on Lesson Preparation COMMENTS on building Background knowledge COMMENTS on COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT COMMENTS on STRATEGIES COMMENTS on INTERACTION COMMENTS ON PRACTICE AND APPLICATION PROCEDURE: What will the teacher do? What will the students do? Beginning Middle End COMMENTS ON LESSON DELIVERY COMMENTS ON REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT References

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