Environmental Management and Sustainable

Referencing Styles : Not Selected Purpose: At the end of this TMA, you should be familiar with the ISO 14001 certification requirements. Responsibilities: Submit your answers covering 8 to 12 pages (Arial, 11 font size, single spacing). Scope: You are about to complete a module on ISO 14001 certification in UniSIM. Based on what you have learnt so far, answer the following questions concerning a workshop where substantial amounts of hazardous chemicals is used. (a) Why is Environment Management System (EMS) policy important for a company which is certified to ISO 14001 standards? Propose an EMS policy involving the fabrication of stainless steel products for the marine industry giving due consideration to applicable environmental legislations. (30 marks) (b) Discuss your understanding of environmental aspects and impacts and its importance relating to ISO 14001. Considering the environmental aspects in the disposal of hazardous waste and metal scraps, what are the environmental impacts for these two environmental aspects? Illustrate your answers with the methodology used in deciding the significance of the environmental impacts, giving due consideration to the Singapore Environmental Legislations. (40 marks) (c) Develop a procedure for the management of Legal and Other Requirements in your steel fabrication business. Your procedure should include a discussion on the process for identifying, reviewing for applicability and compliance status, and updating of all applicable environmental and other legislations that are required to support your business in the fabrication of stainless steel products for the marine industry. (

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