EPM5700 Project Management and

EPM5700 Project Management and Information

EPM5700Project Management &Information TechnologyUnit: EPM5700 Project Management and InformationTechnologyLecturer: Vinayaga SarmaDate: 2020Vinayaga(Vin) SarmaCourse Coordinator Masters of ProjectManagementContactPhone: +61 3 99194714Email: vinayaga.sarma@vu.edu.auCONTACT DETAILSEPM5700Project Management& Information TEchnologyGroup Assignment2020The ProjectDEVLEOPMENT OF A NEWINFORMATION TECHNOLOGYCENTREYour RoleAssume that your team has been appointedas the Information Technology (IT) projectplanners for the delivery of new IT CentreThe ProjectDevelopment of A New IT Centre Your group has been appointed by a potential client to build anew Information Technology Centre in your capital city. Theland owned by the client with an approved budget of $40million only for the new IT Centre. In addition to the Centre,the client allocated additional fund of 25 million for the latestIT Technology support to cater for the IT needs for the nextfive years. As the Project Manager of the project you are requested tosubmit a Project Execution Plan (PEP) for this development. The group has to develop a project execution plan to managethe activities required to deliver the IT Centre.The Task: The tasks required include: Develop a scope Project Charter of this project. This requires todevelop the scope for the facilities and IT support independently Developing a budget for construction of the IT centre and ensuringthat the owner can provide the funds and are committed to fundingthe project ( Assume that the client is own this land) Obtaining planning permits and approvals from the relevantauthorities. Design and construction of the IT Centre. Procurement and installation of IT Support Services Completion and handover.The project is expected to carry out in FOUR stages:Stage 1: Prepare project Charter (20%)Stage 2: WBS and Manual Scheduling (25%)Stage 3: Computerized Planning (25%).Stage 4: Oral Presentation: (30%)The ProjectDevelopment of A New IT CentreImportance of Stage 1 Work Need to understand the process of theproposed project and develop a projectcharter before starting Stage 2 work. Without Stage 1 approval you should notcommence Stage 2 work until Stage 1 workis fully completed and approved.Stage 1 Prepare project Charter This Section must include the following:Preparation of a Project Charter. (Referadditional Handout) List of assumptions used in the project (if any). Planning methodology outline the techniquefor the delivery of the project.Stage 2 WBS & MANUAL SCHEDULINGThis Section must include the following: Project calendar showing start and finish dates,weekends, RDOs, and public holidays, etc. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),an Organisation Break Down Structure (OBS)and a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM). List of tasks, durations and their logicalrelationship. Execution program (a manual PDM diagram ora Gantt chart).Stage 2 WBS & MANUAL SCHEDULINGThis Section must include the following:(Contd) Estimate the cost of the project as per theWBS and listed activities. Develop a risk register using RBS as per WBSto identify and prioritize all risk associated withthis project. Sub-contractors schedule for the project. References if any. Each group must obtain the costs for carryingout each activity The minimum number of activities to be allowedis 30-40 to the project as a whole.Stage 2 WBS & MANUAL SCHEDULINGThis Section must include the following:Stage 1 & 2 Preliminary PlanningWork and this Section must includethe following:- Provide a Stage 1 & 2 report detailing all preliminaryplanning manual planning work. The main report must be typed and submitted in aprofessional format. Only the diagrams may be drawnmanually.Submit Stage 1 & 2 Report for ReviewDue on or before Week 8 Computer Lab Class Submission: One hard copy to your facilitator & upload asoft copy in Word.doc format to the appropriate Dropbox. Without any approval you should not commence Stage 3work until Stage 1 & 2 work is completed.Stage 3 Computerised Planning A list of tasks and work breakdown schedule for theproject including activity durations A project Calendar A PDM diagram and a Gantt Chart A weekly Gantt Chart of all activities sorted by WBS A list and cost of all resources (own and/orsubcontracted).Prepare the following by utilising Project Managementsoftware Microsoft Project 2016: Final cost and detail budget reports Various resource schedules in the form of Gantt Charts A budget and cost forecast. Also develop an S curveusing the software Other relevant reports to support the PEPStage 3 Computerised Planning(contd)Project Planning MethodologyWBS Serves as the Frameworkfor Integration of Planning andControl WBS enables: Responsibility assignment Schedule summarisation Resource/Cost aggregation Risk assessment of variouslevels Performance measurementsummarisation Proactive cycle of control byaggregationProject Managers & LineManagersThe project manager answers these questions: What is to be done? (using the Scope/SOW, WBS) When will the task be done? (using the summaryschedule) Why will the task be done? (using the Scope/SOW) How much money is available? (using theScope/SOW)Project Managers & LineManagersThe line manager answers these questions: How will the task be done? (i.e., technicalcriteria) Where will the task be done? (i.e., technicalcriteria) Who will do the task? (i.e., staffing)Project Managers & LineManagers Project managers may be able to tellline managers how and where,provided that the information appears inthe scope as a requirement for theproject. Even then, the line manager can takeexception based on his technicalexpertise.What is Work BreakdownStructure (WBS) ? In planning a project, the project manager muststructure the work into small elements that are: Manageable, in that specific authority andresponsibility can be assigned. Independent, or with minimum interfacing with anddependence on other ongoing elements. Integrable so that the total package can be seen Measurable in terms of progressImportance of WBS The first major step in the planning process after projectrequirements definition is the development of the workbreakdown structure (WBS). A WBS is product-oriented family tree subdivision of thehardware, services, and data required to produce theend product. The WBS is structured in accordance with the way thework will be performed and reflects the way in whichproject cost and data will be summarized and eventuallyreported.Importance of WBS (Contd) Preparation of the WBS also considers other areasthat require structured data, such as scheduling,configuration management, contract funding, andtechnical performance parameters. The WBS is the single most important elementbecause it provides a common frame work to plan theproject.WBSThe WBS is the single most important element becauseit provides a common framework from which: The total program can be described as a summationof subdivided elements. Planning can be performed. Costs and budgets can be established.WBS (Contd) Time, cost, and performance can be tracked. Objectives can be linked to company resources in alogical manner. Schedules and status-reporting procedures can beestablished. Network construction and control planning can beinitiated. The responsibility assignments for each element canbe established.Levels in the WBS The work breakdown structure acts as a vehicle forbreaking the work down into smaller elements, thusproviding a greater probability that every major a minoractivity will be accounted for. Although a variety of work breakdown structures exist,the most common is the six-level indentured structurebelow:Levels in the WBS Managerial Levels: Level 1: Total Program Level 2: Project Level 3: Task Technical Levels: Level 4: Subtask Level 5: Work Package Level 6: Level of Effort Was there a reason for thecost overrun?Was there a reason for thecost overrun? No matter how goodthe cost and controlsystem is, problemscan occur. Below arecommon causes ofcost problems:Cost Overrun Poor estimating techniques and/or standards, resultingin unrealistic budgets Out-of-sequence starting and completion of activitiesand events Inadequate work breakdown structure No management policy on reporting and controlpractices Poor work definition at the lower levels of theorganization Management reducing budgets or bids to becompetitive or to eliminate fatCommon causes of cost problems:Cost Overrun (Contd) Inadequate formal planning that results in unnoticed, oroften uncontrolled, increases in scope of effort Poor comparison of actual and planned costs Comparison of actual and planned costs at the wronglevel of management Unforeseen technical problems Schedule delays that require overtime or idle timecosting Material escalation factors that are unrealisticThe Cost Account IntersectionWBS/OBS LinksWBS versus OBSTime ManagementEffective Time Management?Submission of Final Report Final Report should include Stage 1, Stage 2 andStage 3 of the assignment. Final Submission Deadline: On or before Week 11 during yourallocated computer lab class. Submission: One hard copy to yourfacilitator and upload a soft copy in Word.doc format to the appropriate Dropbox inyour VU Collaborate on or before duedateAssessment: Report ContentThe final reports including Stage 1 and 2 areexpected to contain: Cover sheet. Group member contributions in detail. Executive summary. Table of content with page numbers Report aims / objectives Project description. List of assumptions ( if any).Assessment: Report Content Planning Methodology Outline the techniquefor the delivery of the project. Project calendar showing start and finish dates,weekends, RDOs , and public holidays, etc. Develop a Work Break Down (WBS) structureand Organisation Break Down structure (OBS)and Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM). List of tasks, durations and their logicalrelationship. Execution program (a manual PDM diagram or aGantt chart). Estimate the cost of the project as per the WBSand listed activities. Develop a risk register to identify and prioritizeall risk associated with this project Sub-contractors schedule for the project. Bill of quantities and cost estimates as per WBS.Assessment: Report ContentAssessment: Report Content PDM diagram printouts from MS Project 2016. A weekly Gantt chart of all activities sorted by WBS Final cost and detail budget reports Resource schedules in the form of Gantt Charts. Resource profiles (histograms) by day for eachresource. References if any. Acknowledgement if any. Appendices containing materials used in the project.Oral Assessment: Oral presentation will be held on week 12 for allGroups. 20 minutes per group is allotted time for the oralpresentation. Any Syndicate Group or Group members are failedto attend the oral assessment then no marks will begiven.Steps to Take to Complete the ProjectIn order to achieve the above objectives, the studentsare strictly expected to follow the following steps:- Step 1: Working group (group of four) Step 2: Familiarize the Microsoft Project 2016 Attend Scheduled Training Sessions. Step 3: Working on the assignment Preparing the Project Chatter & Manualplanning works as per the brief. This Step 3can be done in conjunction with Step 2 Step 4: Once you have completed themanual planning works then your group is ina better position to work with the assignment Stage 3.Steps to Take to Complete theProject The students who failed to complete the projectcharter and manual planning (Stage 1 & Stage2) work then they struggle to complete the work. Each syndicate group is expected to work as ateam not an individuals. Do not under estimate the amount of workinvolved in this project.Steps to Take to Complete theProjectImportant Points to Note Stage 1 the assignment must be fullycompleted & approved before starting Stage 2of the assignment. Assistance for Stage 2 will be given thosegroups successfully completed Stage 1 of theassignment. Workshop sessions will be held in theallocated classrooms until completion of Stage1 of the assignment.Important Points to Note Strictly follow the Four Step process in orderto complete the assignment. Each group will be expected to work on theirown. Assistance will be given during the classtime only if required. Do not under estimate the amount of workload involved in this assignment. Need individual commitment to complete thisassignment.Assignment Brief Assignment brief document andstage marking rubrics are availablein VU Collaborate.Any Questions?Thank You

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