Ernest Hemingways In Another Country., English project help

Ernest Hemingways In Another Country., English project help

Question description Imagine that you are a friend or relative of one of the characters in Ernest Hemingways In Another Country. Write a letter to the character in which you discuss his situation. Address the characters feelings of isolation and see if you can help him to feel as though he can still connect to the world around him. Your letter should be approximately 600 words (two pages). Be sure to include a greeting (Dear [so and so]) at the start of your letter so your teacher will know the character to whom you are writing. Also, include a closing and a signature at the end of the letter. You may make up a name or use your own. This option is worth 50 points. Your grade on this part of the project will be based on the following criteria: Project Grading Table (Teacher Use Only) Points Possible Points Earned Do you describe your imagined relationship to the character? 9 Do you show an understanding of the situation the character is facing (based on Hemingways description in his story)? 9 Do you understand why the character feels isolated? 9 Are you familiar with the spirit of the times of the Lost Generation writers? In other words, do you show an understanding of the isolation and uncertainty that these authors express in their works? 9 Do you try to connect to the character in a respectful way? 9 Is your letter free of errors in grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation? 5

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