Establish an understanding of what

Assessment Plan Summary Course Name and Number Diploma of Case Management Module/competency/Unit Name and Number Develop and Implement Service Programs CHCCS007 Learning Outcomes Establish an understanding of what is community Identify key principles of community work Awareness of Social Justice Principles Section/College Social & Community Services. Assessor/s Assessment Tools Assessment 1 (100%) Report Graded/Pass/Fail/Must Pass Graded Students must pass all assessments to successfully complete this unit. Instructions Assessments should be handed in at the commencement of class on the due date Assessments should have an assessment cover sheet. The section indicating that the work is your own must be signed. Assessments should be referenced using Harvard system of referencing (see Library handout for details). Students who are absent from class when an in-class assessment is due, will be required to complete a catch up task. Guidelines: Students experiencing difficulty with an assessment should contact the teacher as soon as the difficulty arises. Students seeking an extension should do so in writing. Due date 28/11/18 NB: Timetable may change without notice Class Outline Date Week Topic 13/11/18 Introduction and assessments. What is a Community? Key Principles of Social Justice How to develop community programs 28/11/18 Assessment Due Assessments Assessment Weighting: 100% Word limit: 500 700 words Due: 28/11/18 Short Answers You are to describe a community you identify with and why? If you were to set up a community program for the group you identify with, explain what type of program would this be? Describe in detail how you would set this program up? Where would the program be located? Where would you get clients/referrals from? Which Social Justice Principle do you think aligns with this program (you only need one)? It is important that you do not copy from books or websites, read the information and write it in your own words.

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