The Book Reading is Attached

Discussion Question

Review 2.6.3 “The Alcoholic in the Workplace Case” on pages 33-37. Discuss what you would do if you were Frank’s supervisor? Make your point using what you have learned in this class up to this point. The goal of this discussion is to apply ethical concepts that have been learned thus far. (About 200-250 words).

Lesson 4 Assignment

Write a one-page (double spaced) paper describing and discussing the following: The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives found in Chapter 2. You may use definitions or scenarios in your writing. The goal of this paper is to gain a level of understanding of both of the concepts (The Human Condition and The Basic Imperatives) that can then be put to use in the classes’ final project.


Complete Chapter 2, pages 27-31, sections 2.4 and 2.5 also read 2.6.3 “The Alcoholic in the Workplace Case” at the end of the chapter from pages 33-37 (ATTACHED).

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