Evaluate whether the takeover

Investor: Bendigo Bank LTD investee:Adelaide Bank Limited Year: 2007 Assignment Question Evaluate whether the takeover was value enhancing to shareholders. Your discussion should cover at least the following points: 1. What are the economic rationales behind the acquisition? 2. What are the personal incentives of the board of directors of the target firms to accept the takeover offer? [e.g. look at ownership of the individual in the firm and board membership pre- and post- acquisition] 3. The acquisition method: The method of the acquisition used (e.g., scheme of arrangement, on-market bid, off-market bid) and the reasons why this method was used. 4. Detailed evaluation of the acquisition analysis: The offer price, method of payment, FVINA allocation and goodwill. 5. Explain how and why the share market reacted to the takeover around the announcement date? 6. Analysis of post-acquisition accounting performance up to 3 years post acquisition. 7. Using the analysis above, evaluate whether the takeover was value enhancing to shareholders. Additional information:

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