Explain how the sale/collection

Explain how the sale/collection process fit into an enterprise value system.

Explain how the sale/collection process fit into an enterprise value system. 2 Marks Explain how the sale / collection process fits into the value system level ? and draw the part showing the connection at the value system level. Question Two Learning Outcome(s): Identifying the events and documents in the sale/collection business process. 8 Marks Based on the sale/collection business process, answer the following question and post your answer in the table below : Complete the following table based on the listed events. Event Event Type Internal Agent External Agent Document Sale call. Sale order. Service engagement. . Sale return. Question Three 5Marks Learning Outcome(s): To be aware of the required processes that help to create query for cash balance on a particular date What are the processes for querying to provide the cash balance on a specific date? Question Four Learning Outcome(s): Create queries to meet common information needs in the acquisition/payment process 10Marks By using the REA acquisition/payment business process (chapter 9- slide 5) and the corresponding relations (chapter 9- slide 16) , write SQL query that return the purchase agents name(s) who placed a purchase order (mutual commitment) of the inventory type Big stuff. Hints:

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