Explain issues of leadership

Explain issues of leadership ethics and technology

Assignment: Management Memo Krispy Kreme Israel You were directed in a study in Unit 1 to send your country choice to your instructor for approval. After you have received instructor approval, research your company and product or service to better understand its current business situation. Draft a two-page memo to the management of your chosen company, outlining critical elements, trends, or issues in international marketing that company managers should be aware of. Your memo should: Identify and explain issues of leadership, ethics, and technology within the organization, and evaluate the impact of these intra-organizational drivers on the companys international marketing decisions. Evaluate these concerns in relation to the company itself and to its products and services. Incorporate library or course readings to support your evaluation. If you use Web sites, make sure they are from reliable and scholarly or professional sources. Use APA style and formatting guidelines to cite your sources accordingly. In addition to the two-page memo you may also submit supplemental materials that could include further explanation of your evaluation or a summary of the research you gathered. Your completed assignment should be 4-5 pages in length.

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