Final project Requirements

Final project Requirements 1. Literature review about a relevant problematic in school settings Ideas to be covered Description of the problematic and its relevance to school settings Identifying the subjects: describe the relational dynamic (non-functional, risky for the well being), power relationship and the personality structure. Etiology: describe the factors perpetuating and the mechanisms through which the influence is taking place. (Identifying the situational (school) family, environmental risks). 2. Intervention: Identifying tools Prevention and intervention valid programs: targeted subjects Objectives (Dimensions to be covered) Tools Time and place Effectiveness 3. Synthesis of interventions the topic is child discrimination in school. the attached file is a paper that I did on this topic. the paper includes many info and references. mostly all of it is supposed to be used, in addition to the requirements written above to have the final paper. this is a very important assignment and i hope it turns out to be just perfect as i expect it to be.

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