FIT5197 Assignment

25/05/2020 FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3) Jupyter Notebooklocalhost:8865/notebooks/FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3).ipynb 1/6FIT5197 Assignment 3 Semester 1, 2020Do & Dont1. Some of these policies are similar to your assignment 1; however, please read carefully as there are somedifferences between this assignment and the first assignment.2. These questions are meant for you to solve independently, we encourage students to figure out thequestions themselves as it would be good for their understandings of the topics; however, please feel freeto consult your tutors if needed. Plagiarism (either from using online sources or copying the answers fromyour classmates) will be penalised accordingly.3. Requests for special consideration or extension must be submitted at least 2 days BEFORE THEDEADLINE. The due date is on Sunday, so the latest day you can ask for extension is on Friday (the lastofficial working day of the week for the teaching team). Please follow Monash guideline to request forextensions (medical certificates, doctor or GP letter, etc). Emergencies are to be adjusted individually.4. Please show all working when answering questions, you will not get full marks for a question if you dontcomply.5. Assignments need to be submitted in PDF and ipynb file format. Failure to comply will result in 20%penalty on each missing file.6. Filename format for submitting the assignment should be Assignment3_StudentId.pdf andAssignment3_StudentId.ipynb. Files with the wrong format incurs 20% penalty each.7. This assignment has 10 marks for presentation, this includes presenting your explanation in Markdown,writing and commenting on code efficiently, creating good plots with clear labels on the axis, etc.8. Only answers with correct methodology will be considered for consequential marks. Meaning if youattempt the question and your answer is incorrect, but your methodology is correct, you will still receivepartial marks for subsequent questions. However, answers with incorrect methodology (misunderstandingthe questions) will generate no marks for subsequent questions.9. Challenge questions are for students aiming to get a HD for the assignment. We dont advise for studentsto spend time on these questions before finishing all the other parts in the assignment. This assignment isdesigned in a way that students can get up to 80 (HD) without attempting the challenge questions.10. Please dont send emails to tutors asking for suggestions, we have Moodle and consultations for that, Inwriting your inquiries on Moodle please try to be clear in your problem and not revealing your working toothers as this might be counted as plagiarism on your part. A good format for inquiry topic would be e.g.Assignment 3 Tutorial 10 (your tutorial slot) Question about median11. Handwritten answers incur a penalty of 10% on your assignment, you have Markdown, please learn howto use it as it will be an useful skill for you going through the degree as well as in real life situation.12. This assignment will contribute towards 20% of your total score.13. Late submission is 5% per day, after 10 days you will be given no marks. Late submission is calculated asfollows: If you get 70% on this assignment and you are late for 2 days (you submit on Tuesday), your scoreis now 70% -10% (25% per day) = 60%. This is done to ensure that the teaching team can release yourresult as soon as possible so that you can review on your mistakes and have a better study experience.14. Assignments shall be marked completely in two weeks time according to Monash Policies. If there are anychanges to the marking time, we will duly inform you. Solutions will not be released for this assignment;you can come to the tutorial and ask for explanation about how to solve the questions after scores arereleased.Part 1 Hypothesis Testing & Confidence Interval (45 Marks)No R codes, libraries of any kinds should be used in this part, using libraries here results in 0 marks25/05/2020 FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3) Jupyter Notebooklocalhost:8865/notebooks/FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3).ipynb 2/6Question 1. (5 Marks)An online article believe that teenagers currently spends at least 10h online per week (should be significantlyhigher than this). the principal of one highschool believes that her students spend significantly less time online;thus, she would like to perform an experimental testing on the subject by collecting 100 surveys from herstudents. The results came back that the average time the students claim spending online is roughly 8.5hours/week with the standard deviation of 2h.Based on these findings, What would be your conclusion on the matter? Use a 0.05 level of significance.YOUR ANSWER HEREQuestion 2. (10 Marks)The light bulb in Monash university normally has a lifetime of about 1500 hours with a standard deviation of 100hours. How many of these light bulbs should Monash stock up so that it can guarrantee that the light will be onfor at least 7200 hours with a probability of at least 98%?YOUR ANSWER HEREQuestion 3. (10 Marks)The error for the production of a machine is uniformly distribute over [-0.75, 0.75] unit. Assuming that there are100 machines working at the same time, approximate the probability that the final production differ from theexact production by more than 4.5 unit?YOUR ANSWER HEREQuestion 4. (5 Marks)A very successful car washing shop has roughly 2.4 million dollar revenue every year. Since this is quite alarge amount of money for a car washing shop, the IRS (tax people) wants to check whether thisestablishment is laundering money (sounds familiar?); however, due to the limited resources, they want to be95% confident in their decision; thus, they send an investigator to record the daily number of customers andrecord down how much that each customers have to pay on average for the service. The investigator cameback and reported that there are roughly 2,000 customers for the month and each one of them payingroughly 80 dollars on average for the services with a standard deviation of 30 dollars. Given thisinformation, what is the approximate probability that the car washing shop can achieve it current claimedrevenue and what would be your conclusion here about the legitimacy of this car washing shop (i.e whetherthey are laundering money or not)?YOUR ANSWER HEREQuestion 5. (10 Marks)Note that this is a challenge question, only attempt if you are comfortable with your progress. Youshould not use consultations to ask about this question as the tutors will prioritize answering queriesabout other questions.25/05/2020 FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3) Jupyter Notebooklocalhost:8865/notebooks/FIT5197_ASSIGNMENT3_SEM1_2020 (3).ipynb 3/6Let

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