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Selling & the Customer Experience Role-play Assignment Page 1 ROLE PLAY ASSIGNMENT Total Marks: Role play 15% (Self reflection exercise 5% Grade Weight: 20% of the total grade Due: November 28th Tasks: For the role play, you will demonstrate all steps 4-9 of the Relationship Selling model to handle the attitudes chosen by your instructor in. Relevant Steps in the Relationship Selling Model Step 4 Approach: Meet the client and start your sales interview: Introduce yourself. Establish rapport. State the purpose of the meeting and general benefit. Ask permission to obtain information and state reasons why. Ask questions about their current situation. Step 5 Sales Interview: Handle the main portion of presentation: Provide company background if applicable. Probe to uncover problems/needs. Confirm desire to solve problem. Provide features, advantages and benefits (FABs),and proof. Personalize to customer situation. Step 6 Trial Close first attempt to close sale Step 7 Uncovering Customer Attitudes: Determine any customer attitudes/objections Acceptance Skepticism Indifference Objections Stalling Vagueness Step 8 Handling Customer Attitudes: Satisfactorily handling customer objections/ attitudes Selling & the Customer Experience Role-play Assignment Page 2 Acknowledge Clarify Offer additional features/benefits/proof Trial close Step 9 Closing the Sale: Using one of the many methods to close the sale Ask a closing question/watch for a buying signal. Wait for a response. Recommend a plan of action and confirm details. State any follow up required. Thank client and exit. Role-Play Procedure Step One: Prepare yourself for the role play. 1. Review the following materials to fully understand your role: Grading rubric. The schedule for the day and time period you are to conduct your role play. 2. Create a role play script/guide for yourself to use in the role play or for practicing; utilizing the information you developed in Assignment 2. This would include: Rapport building techniques that will be demonstrated. General questions that you are going to ask your client in the sales interview. Three to four approaches probing approaches to get six to eight client needs in the interview. Matching features and benefits of the product/service being sold to address those client needs. Proof sources that are going to be used. The 3 possible client attitudes that could be stated by the customer. It is suggested you do not bring into the role play the completely scripted version of the entire role play as you will likely find yourself reading it versus conducting a realistic, more natural type of interview. However developing an initial script allows you to understand how you want to role play the sales interview and to practice it in advance. o Some learners simply take the marking rubric in with them with a few notes on it. Remember, in this role-play when you close the sale, the client will not agree to the close and will bring up two of the three attitudes that you need to deal with (see details in Step Three). Selling & the Customer Experience Role-play Assignment Page 3 Step Two: Brief your client on his or her role. You will want to clearly brief each member of your group on your role play. You will provide them with all the information required to answer your questions during the role playthe general questions, the answers to your probing questions and any other questions you will ask. You can allow some flexibility in this but you want the client to stick fairly close to the script. You are expected to write out in point form what you want them (as the customer) to answer to respective questions you will be asking. o Your customer should use this sheet during the role play. The information includes the following: o Demographic and personal information in bullet points. o Any information to background questions that you will be asking them. o Answers to your probing questions regarding their needs. o Answers to your rapport development. o Any other information that may assist them in assuming the role of your customer. o Of course you need to have that separate sheet of 3 attitudes of which the instructor will choose 2 and let your customer know to use them (you will NOT know which of the 2 of 3 attitudes the customer will express) Again DO NOT script this all out!!!!!! Simply give them (the customer) the information in bullets. o You want to encourage them to assume the role and be as natural as possible in their responses. This will make the role play more realistic. Step Three: Practice the role-play with your client. Choose one member of your group to be your customer on the day you come to conduct your role play. As such it is important that you practice your role play Each member of the group should be well versed in every other members respective role play. You can use the customers real name if you wish or have them assume the name of the role you have provided them. Obviously if a male student is playing the part of a female or vice versa they will have to assume the role name. Practice the role play as many times as you want within your group. By practicing the role-play several times you may achieve a high grade. This is obviously very desirable. However remember it is in the practicing that learning really takes place. This role play is simply the demonstration of all you have learned in this process. During the practice sessions, it is suggested you make modifications to the role play as you see fit to make it more effective. You will be using Steps 4-9 of the Relationship Selling model. o At the stage of your attempted closethe client will NOT accept the close (as they did in Role Play 1) but instead express one of the two attitudes to reject the sale. Selling & the Customer Experience Role-play Assignment Page 4 You will be required to deal with the attitude using the appropriate steps from the learning material and course content. o You will then complete a second trial close or ask the client if they have any other concerns. o They will state the second client attitude. o You will deal with it and then close the sale for good. o The client is to agree to the sale at this point. Step Four: Assemble the additional requirements for the role play. 1. You will be required to conduct your role play in business attireso ensure you have a business outfit ready for the role play day. Dress for your product. 2. As your role play will require the use of proofyou should have a brochure, pamphlet, laptop for a computer simulation, etc. to use as proof. a. The proof does not have to be realfor example you could use a sheet of paper to simulate a brochure. b. Remember for the attitude of skepticism you will also require proof. 3. You will be required to hand out a business card during the role-play so ensure you have a business card it can be fake. 4. Prepare to bring anything else you feel will be necessary to the role play to make it real and to assist you in conducting it. Step Five: Conduct the role-play with your group on the assigned day. 1. We strongly suggest you bring the following to the role play: Pen. Blank paper. Pretend business cards. Whatever type of visual proof you are going to use (real or pretend): Brochure (real or fake). Laptop (real or pretend you have one). Charts (real or fake). Role play notes with key words on it to act as a guide for what you wish to say or the steps to follow. Information for your customer so they can answer the questions as detailed previously in this assignment. 2. You and your group should arrive at the location 10-15 minutes in advance to conduct the role play. Again it will only be your group and the instructor in the room during the conducting of the role plays. Do not enter the room until the instructor comes to get you as there may be other role plays with other groups being conducted. Professional Selling & Ethics Role-play Assignment Page 5 Due to the strict time constraints for the role plays, failure to show up on time will result in a grade of 0 for this role play. 3. The instructor will ask your group to enter the room and at that time will indicate which other group member will be your customer and in what order you will present in. 4. The timing of the role-play will be as follows: You will have 2 minutes to set up for the role play. There will be a desk and chair at which you will sit and a chair for your customer already in place. You will have 10 minutes (5 minutes for each partner) o You will commence by going to get your customer from the waiting area and bringing them into your office. When your role play is complete your instructor will then provide you with some immediate verbal feedback on your performance. The next member of your group will then proceed with his/her role play. Self-Reflection (5%) Prepare a short report reflecting on your role-play. Is there anything you missed? Is there something you would do differently? This report can be completed in either paragraphs or point form and must be uploaded in the dropbox by December 7th. Role-play Assignment Page 6

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