Forty-nine-year-old Frank

Forty-nine-year-old Frank

These are requirements for forum initial posts and cases studies:ALWAYSfirst present relevant background information and normal physiological content with citations.THEN cover the questions in DETAIL.Please use correct medical/ physiological terminology at all times. (You are presenting to your peers and to me, not your patients). Spelling countswith the quizzes and exams. Partial credit for miss-spelled items MAY be given on quizzes only (not on the midterm and final tests).Grammar, etc. also counts. 3.PLEASE ESPECIALLY NOTE AVOID PLAGIARISM(even the appearance of it): please see the Syllabus. The policy will be strictly followed. Multiple sourcesare required for initial forum postings and the case studies. Do NOTuse direct quotations or do NOT just copy content from sources and then cite.ALWAYSparaphrase content in your OWN words and then cite.Note that Wikis, dot-orgs, dot-coms, encyclopediae, etc. are NOT legitimate sources.Provide the page number if you cite from your text. Plagiarismincludes:direct quotations, copying content in any way shape or form, copying from students, copying directly from the text, copying material from internet answer pools, the publisher or any source that you should not access as students.Your case study submissions will be checked using Turnitin plagiarism software. Please see the course Syllabus. This a master level assignment. 3 pages total with an conclusion or face sheet. Please address background information 1st. Answer each question clear with citations. Please feel free to add about 4 citations. Thank you Forty-nine-year-old Frank has been a heavy drinker for the past 25 years. He also has a history of hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and recent upper respiratory viral infection. Franks only current medication is Lasix (furosemide) 40 mg odP. He presents with severe epigastric pain that radiates to his back and worsens when lying down. His abdomen is distended, and bowel sounds are hypoactive. Frank has a fever and is diaphoretic and hypotensive, and his serum calcium is very low. In your initial post answer the following questions: 1. Frank is being transferred to the ICU. If you were the ICU nurse, what would you have to consider in Franks case? 2. What would you expect in the way of treatment modalities for Frank?

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