FTEs To Annualize Staffing

FTEs To Annualize Staffing

Assignment Exercise: FTEs To Annualize Staffing The Metropolis Health System managers are working on their budgets for next year. Each manager must annualize his or her staffing plan, and thus must convert staff net paid days worked to a factor. Each manager has the MHS worksheet, which shows 10 holidays, 8 sick days, 14 vacation days, and 3 education days, equaling 35 paid days per year not worked. The Laboratory is fully staffed seven days per week and the 35 paid days per year not worked is applicable for the lab. The Medical Records department is also fully staffed seven days per week. However, Medical Records is an outsourced department so the employee benefits are somewhat different. The Medical Records employees receive 8 holidays plus 20 personal leave days which can be used for any purpose. Your Tasks Compute the Net Paid Days Worked for a full-time employee in the:LaboratoryMedical Records.Convert the Net Paid Days Worked to a factor for the:Laboratoryand for Medical Records Show all your work and steps to arrive at your answers for each problem.

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