GEN 104 Man & Environment

Date/4/2020Time:Total Mark:25Students NameStudents IDCourse NameMan & EnvironmentCourse CodeGEN 104SemesterSpring 2020Instructors Name Questions1234TotalPoint676625Student Mark Note: This Assignment accounts for 25% of the students final grade. Answer all of the following questions: Question One: (6 Marks) What is the tragedy of the commons? Give two examples of this tragedy on a global scale. List two ways to deal with the tragedy of the commons. (2.5Marks)Do you think that you are living unsustainably? Explain. If so, what are the three most environmentally unsustainable components of your lifestyle? Mention two ways in which you could apply each of the three principles of sustainability to making your lifestyle more environmentally sustainable. (3.5 Marks) Question Two: (7 Marks) Summarize the law of tolerance. Compare limiting factors in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. ( 2.5 Marks)Which type of ecosystem accounts for most of the net primary productivity on Earth even though it has a low average net primary productivity? ( 1.5 Marks)State two examples of the benefits of introducing some nonnative species. Mention two effects of the harmful effects of nonnative species that have been introduced (a) deliberately and (b) accidentally. Illustrate four ways to limit the harmful impact of nonnative species. ( 3 Marks) Question Three: (6 Marks) What are fossils, and how do they help us formulate ideas about how life developed on earth? (1.5 Marks)Describe the role of mutations according to the theory of evolution. What do mutations have to do with genetic variability? (3Marks)Explain why we should care about protecting the southern sea otter species from premature extinction that could result mostly from human activities. (1.5 Marks, 0.5 for each point) Question Four: (6 Marks) What is family planning? Discuss the role of reducing the poverty. (2.5 Marks)Define the demographic transition. Indicate the social, biological, political and economic issues that can be addressed to help developing countries undergo a demographic transition. (3.5Marks)

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