Group Project 40% Most luxury hotel

Assessment 2 Group Project 40% Most luxury hotel and resort chains worldwide are joining their efforts for environmental efficiency and social engagement to create long-term development. For this project, students will work in groups to prepare a Sustainable Development Plan for an existing world-class resort of your choice to improve the sustainability of its environmental, economic, and community engagement strategies to increase profits and improved ways of operation without compromising luxury. Assessment will be based on the integration of these three objectives and how they reinforce each other whilst improving the long-term viability of the eco-systems Student note: hi expert its me person who order. This is me I will select the hotel as my lecturer suggest the hotel must be with her selection so according to lecturer, he gave us this one. Dhulikhel Lodge Resort. Nepal. Which is in Nepal, so all this assignment will be based in this Dhulikhel Lodge Resort. I also attached the sample assignment of my friend make sure of privacy of that one. And exactly the structure of this assignment is that sample which I will attach you in portal. But do not write the same concept of sample assignment. I hope your assignment will be far better than this sample assignment. Our group is of 3 member like the sample assignment which is also of 3 member and they talk about 3 concepts. . Notes Prepare this plan in 5, 000 words using the Business Proposal format: Executive Summary Table of Contents List of Table and Figures . Introduction (Purpose, thesis statement, scope of report) 500 words Background of Hotel & local community 500 words Body Sections (3 sustainable concepts and justification of triple bottom line framework) 1,000 words per concept and justification= 3,500 words Conclusion (Summary of main concepts and discussion) 500 words Reference In your hotel Green Plan Business Proposal, you must propose three (3) new green concepts to that particular hotel property (e.g. Marriot Sydney), not the entire brand (e.g. Starwood). These three (3) concepts must each fulfil the triple-bottom-line theory. If you want to use additional components of the theory such as Kias presentation regarding Philanthropy, then you may. E.g. In-house Chicken Hen Farm (this is only 1 concept). Provide pictures in the main body of the report, not in the appendix, because it is a proposal and will enable me to understand your concepts better. Environment: Lessen carbon emission as a result from supply chain logistics for free-range eggs. Economy: Save purchasing costs. People: Provide job opportunities for local farmers (direct), educate guests on ethical farming (awareness program). E.g. Rainwater Harvest (tropical destination). Environment: Water conservation and reservoir for irrigation, and greywater for plumbing. Economy: Save on water consumption cost. People: Because this concept cannot directly contribute to a person(s) welfare/benefit, this can be a CSR program. E.g. Every guests that uses 20% less water than the standard luxury guest, this 20% (give me an estimated amount that is feasible through research) will be donated to drought stricken families of poverty at the end of every month. Your concepts must be as detailed as possible (examples above). When you state it is a CSR program, you must state every single detail in-depth to justify your green plan. How much per month/per year? When will this take place? To whom (which charity home, which school)? For how many children? For how many farmers, will their pay enable them to afford everyday necessities? For CSR programs, assess the ethical issues that are currently present in your chosen propertys local community e.g. racial/gender discrimination, child labour, labour inequality, drug trade, sex trade, drought, floods, monopoly of big factories vs local producers, (lack of) health and education welfare, poverty etc. Intention for hotel plan to gain green certification? What about usage of EMS? There are an abundance of new sustainable trends in which you could adopt or re-model to fit your hotel propertys needs (must be feasible). I respect to see authenticity in your work which is what differs a Credit to an HD. Here are some resources to tickle your mind. This plan is largely based on creative thinking, feasibility and research analysis. Do not discuss your ideas will other groups as off now. Assessment 3 Presentation 20% This is a presentation of Assessment 2 group project. Students are graded individually based on their presentation skills. It is essential that you justify your recommendations. Presentations will be conducted on Week 10 during scheduled lecture and tutorial class times. Presentation and submission guidelines: 1. To be submitted in electronic form as a word-processed file to http://www.turnitin. 2. PDF-processed files will incur an automatic FAIL. 3. The group presentation should be no longer than 20 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A session. 4. All groups must arrive 15 minutes before the session begins to load their presentations on the podium. This is to avoid any groups altering last minute presentations and disruption to others. Late attendees will incur an automatic FAIL. 5. All members in the group must participate in the presentation. 6. A total of 8 to 10 slides (not including Title slide and Reference List slide) may be used. Each slide should have no more than 5 bullet points and no more than 6 words in each bullet point. 7. There should be in-text-references, as well as a reference list provided at the end of the presentation.

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