Group Work & Project Activity Report

Assessment 3 Assessment type: Group Work & Project Activity Report Writing following AGILE methodology Purpose: This assessment will allow students to work as a team of 3 or 4, demonstrate their understanding of AGILE project management methodology and apply their knowledge to initiate and manage a case study project using AGILE software. Students will learn emerging application of AGILE methodology in IT project management and utilise various software tools to manage the project. This assessment contributes to learning outcomes c and d. Value: 15% Due Date: Weeks 8, 9 and 10 during normal tutorial slots. Submission: Submit the completed documentation in Slack and Trello by specified date and time. Assessment topic: Students are given a project case study scenario including details of required project resources, timeframes and outcomes required. They will set up their project team under Slack and Trello and run the case study project as an Agile project using the provided case study information. Task details: AGILE Case Study Project Background: Cyclone IT is a Sydney based IT Managed Services provider. They provide a range of IT infrastructure management to companies that do not have internal IT staff. The managed services could be for on premise equipment and services or SAAS (Software as a service) application. Cyclone IT work in various industries and the most common are not for profit, aged care and sporting organization. In recent times, Cyclone IT has secured a large project with one of its clients Waldorf Aged Care (WAC). WAC is a 6-site organization based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The project requires Cyclone IT to migrate emails from the on-premise Microsoft Exchange server to O365 and to replace all existing desktops/laptops with new computers. Some of the specific requirements (not limited to) that the aged care authorities have indicated are following: There are 3 sites in Sydney, 2 in Melbourne and 1 in Brisbane.The 3 sites in Sydney have 23, 10 and 8 computers.The 2 sites in Melbourne has 12 and 11 computersThe 1 site in Brisbane has 16 staff,The head office is in Sydney and has the Exchange server.Windows 10 operating system for the computers,Office applications such as Microsoft Office,Subscription for online application for iCare and SimavitaConfirm that all the sites have the minimum internet speed to support the business requirements.A Website, through which all the sites can collaborate and display news, events, notifications and can display any NDIS updates.WAC need the new setup to be completely functional within 3 months and needs to be available 24/7.There is a combination of active and shared mailboxes. There may be a requirement to migrate certain old and inactive mailboxes. You are an employee of Cyclone IT. The company has designated you as a Project Manager and has asked you to form a small team to implement and deliver the project on due time. Submission requirements details: Each group must submit electronic copy of the project reports through Moodle portal. Beside that each team needs to perform the following outlined tasks: Set up team on SLACKCommunicate using SLACKSet up team on TRELLOManage project using TRELLOReport on AGILEShow application of AGILE conceptsGroup work activity report Assignment Submission Requirements: Students are required to form a small group of 3 4 persons. Agile Methodology MUST be used for this assignment. Each group must setup team on SLACK and communicate between team using SLACK.Furthermore, group also needs to setup team on Trello and manage project using Trello.Project reports must follow Agile methodology format.Group must be able to demonstrate communication between members, division of responsibility, agreement and disagreement between team. The weight of the assignment is 15% of the overall marks of the unit. Each group should upload required document/s using appropriate submission folder on the Moodle before the deadline. Submission of the Complete Project Plan must be made using Turnitin submission folder available on the course Moodle page. Appropriate citation using Harvard referencing technique must be used where application. Plagiarism of the assignment submission will be considered as academic misconduct and may result in penalty. Action RequiredDue DateMarksSetup team on SLACKWeek 8 during Tutorial.5%Use TRELLO for Project ManagementWeek 9 during Tutorial.5%Submit Team Report on Use of Agile and Group Work Activity Report through MoodleSunday Midnight of Week 11.5% Submission requirements details: Each group must submit electronic copy of the project reports through Moodle portal by due dates

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