HC2091 Business Finance

HC2091 Business Finance HOLMES INSTITUTEFACULTY OFHIGHER EDUCATION Assessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimesterT1 2020Unit CodeHC2091Unit TitleBusiness FinanceAssessment Type3Assessment TitleGroup AssignmentPurpose of theassessment(with ULOMapping)Students are required to form a group of 4 members to study, undertake research,analyse and conduct academic work within the areas of business finance covered inlearning materials Topics 1 to 10 inclusive. The assignment should examine the mainissues, including: underlying theories, implement performance measures used andexplain the firms financial performance. Your group is strongly advised to referenceprofessional websites, journal articles and text books in this assignment (case study).The applicable Unit learning Outcomes are:1. Research and explain the structure of Australian and International financialsystems. Critically analyse the role of finance in business. Explain financial marketsand different types of securities and the processes related to their investment.Interpret the impact of future developments in the financial markets on businessstructure and performance.2. Understand the concept of the time value of money and apply it in investment andportfolio evaluation and management.3. Identify the important factors in capital investment decisions, portfolio evaluationand business financing activities.4. Critically analyse finance alternatives to manage short and long term debts.Critically understand and practice valuation of financial instruments, includingordinary shares, preferred shares and bonds.5. Describe the effects of interest rates on business finance. Evaluate the firm capitalstructure policy and payout policy. Evaluate alternative funding policies andinstruments available to businesses including the banking sector and nonbankingsector.6.Weight25% of the total assessmentsTotal Marks25 MarksWord limitNot more than 2,500 words Page 2 of 72 Due Date:Registration of groups: 5 pm Friday, Week 7 17th of May 2020.Final Submission of Group Assignment: Midnight (23:59 pm.) Sunday, Week 10 7th of June 2020.Late submission incurs penalties of 5 (five) % of the assessment value per calendar dayunless an extension and/or special consideration has been granted by the lecturerprior to the assessment deadline.SubmissionGuidelines All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with acompleted Assignment Cover Page. Please make sure that your groupmembers name and surname, student ID, subject name, and code andlectures name are written on the cover sheet of the submitted assignment. The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2cm margins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headingsand page numbers. When you submit your assignment electronically, pleasesave the file as Group Assignment- your group name .doc. You are requiredto submit the assignment at Group Assignment Final Submission, which isunder Group Assignment and Due Dates on Black Board. Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listedappropriately at the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.Submitted work should be your original work showing your creativity. Studentsneed to read and understand the Holmes Academic Integrity Policy before theystart any assessment. (Please refer section 4.3 Guide to Academic Integrity p27of the Holmes Student Handbook). Always keep an electronic copy until you have received the final grade for theUnit. Please make sure that you submit the correct file. Any appeal relating to submitting wrong files after the deadline will not beconsidered.Group Self enrolment Please refer to the Group self-enrolment guidelines, as saved in theAssessments folder in order to enrol into a group. You should not enrol into any group without the consent of the othermembers. To avoid random students joining your group, you should firstdecide who the four (4) members are in your group and enrol at the sametime. If you enrol into a group with less than four (4) members, any student canjoin your group and then you have to accept that person. Once you have created your group, you cannot leave the groupunder any circumstances. ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONSPage 3 of 73ASSIGNMENT TASKThis assignment task is a written report and evaluative analysis of the financial performance of a selected listedcompany on the ASX. This analysis requires:1. Description of the company.2. Preparation of common size financial statements.3. Analysis of company networking capital position.4. Analysis of liquidity and capital structure.You are required to obtain the relevant information from chosen company annual reports and company website. You can access the company web site via www.asx.com.au.To download the relevant please referee the Company code in ASX (see the following examples) ABPAbacus Property GroupAPZAspen Group LimitedAGLAGL Energy LimitedWESWesfarmers LtdWOWWoolworths Group Ltd (Note: The above table gives you examples only and you are not asked to choose them for the analysis)ASSIGNMENT STRUCTUREThe assignment structure should be as follows:Title of the assignmentExample: Analysis of ABX Company Financial PerformanceGroup details and the contribution of each group memberYou need to give full details of all the group members in your group including their names and student IDs.Please make sure all the names written in the assignment are matched with the group created in Blackboard.To ensure that all students participate equitably in the group assignment and that students are responsible forthe academic integrity of all components of the assignment. You need to complete the following table whichidentifies which student/students are responsible for the various sections of the assignment. Assignment SectionStudent/Students The above table needs to be completed and submitted with the assignment as it is a compulsory componentrequired before any grading is undertaken.Page 4 of 74CONTENT OF THE ASSIGNMENT1. INTRODUCTIONThe introduction should briefly explain the purpose of the assignment, the selected company for analysisand the type of analysis.2. FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS OF THE SELECTED COMPANYa. Description of the companyPrepare a brief description of the selected company (when they started, key milestones etc.), outliningthe core activities (major business, key products) competitive advantages, and the market in which itoperates (in which industry sector they are in ASZX, do they export their products and services or whetherthey serve only the local market).b. Preparation of common size financial statements for the most recent financial yearFirst, briefly discuss the importance of common size financial statement. Second, prepare a common sizeincome statement and a common size balance sheet based on the most recent annual report.c. Analysis of company net working capital positionBased on balance sheet information and the notes to the financial statements, Analyse the working capital position of the company over minimum of past 4 years (composition ofcurrent assets and current liabilities, changes in CA and CL, any significant decision about workingcapital management etc.). Calculate the networking capital and give your opinion on the net working capital position of thecompany (Whether the company net working capital is positive or negative, what will be theimplication of identified net working capital position on the company short term and long-termsolvency)d. Analysis of company liquidity and capital structure using liquidity and capital structure ratiosUsing data from financial statements of your selected company, calculate the following ratios forminimum of past 4 years and present them using suitable charts. Discuss the implications of the identifiedtrends for company performance. Liquidity ratio (calculate minimum of 2 liquidity ratios over 4 years and analyse them using suitablecharts) Capital Structure ratio (calculate minimum of 2 capital structure ratios over 4 years and analyse themusing suitable charts)3. ConclusionBased on the analysis in section 2, provide brief conclusion on the company financial performance.4. ReferencesFollow the Holmes reference guideline and give your reference details(Note: You need to show all the calculations in an appendix)All the graphs and tables should be correctly labelGraphs should have clear information (legends, axis title etc.)Marking CriteriaPage 5 of 75 Marking criteriaWeighting1Introduction2 marks2Description of the company including their core business activities4 marks3Preparation of common size financial statements for the most recentfinancial yearPreparation of common size income statementPreparation of common size balance sheet4 marks4Analysis of company net working capital positionAnalyse of the working capital position of the company over minimum of past4 yearsCalculation of the networking capital and give opinion on the net workingcapital position of the company4 marks5Analysis of company liquidity and capital structure using liquidity and capitalstructure ratiosCalculation of liquidity ratios and presenting them using suitable graphsAnalysis of company liquidity position based on the above calculationCalculation of capital structure ratios and presenting them using suitablegraphsAnalysis of company capital structure based on the above calculation6 marks6Conclusion which is based on the overall analysis3 marks7Presentation, structure and academic writing2 marksTotal Marks25 MarksTOTAL Weight25 % Students must complete the group peer assessment form and submitit. Refer to the information on page 3 of this assignment document.Assessment Feedback to the Group:Feedback will be provided two (2) weeks after submission, provided that thegroup assignment is submitted on time. Marking RubricPage 6 of 76 ContentExcellentVery GoodGoodSatisfactoryUnsatisfactory(80%-full marksgiven)(70-79% marksgiven)(61-69% marksgiven)(50-60% marksgiven)(0-49% marksgiven)IntroductionMax2 marksOutstandingintroductionaddressing thekey purpose ofthe assignmentand the selectionof the company.Very Goodintroductionaddressing thekey purpose ofthe assignmentand the selectionof the company.Goodintroductionaddressing thekey purpose ofthe assignmentand the selectionof the company.Satisfactoryintroductionaddressing thekey purpose ofthe assignmentand the selectionof the company.No reasonableexplanation onthe purpose ofthe assignmentor the companyselection.Description of theCompanyMax4 marksOutstandinganalysis of theselectedcompany,targeting theircore businessand competitiveadvantages.Very goodanalysis of theselectedcompany,targeting theircore businessand competitiveadvantages.Good analysis ofthe selectedcompanytargeting theircore businessand competitiveadvantages.Satisfactoryanalysis of theselectedcompanytargeting theircore businessand competitiveadvantages.No sufficientanalysis on theselectedcompanytargeting theircore businessand competitiveadvantages.Preparation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements forthe mostrecent financialyearMax4 marksOutstandingpreparation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements with100% correctentries in bothincomestatement andbalance sheet.Very goodpreparation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements with100% correctentries in bothincomestatement andbalance sheet.Goodpreparation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements withmostly correctentries in bothincomestatement andbalance sheet.Satisfactorypreparation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements withreasonablenumber ofcorrect entries inboth incomestatement andbalance sheet.However, thereare errors incalculationsand/or somemissing entries.Unsatisfactoryway ofpreparation andpresentation ofcommon sizefinancialstatements.Selectedfinancialstatement is thenot the mostrecent once.Analysis ofcompany networking capitalpositionMax4 marksOutstandinganalysis ofcompany networking capitalwith accuratecalculation andsuitable charts.Very goodanalysis ofcompany networking capitalwith accuratecalculation andsuitable charts.Good analysis ofcompany networking capitalwith accuratecalculation andsuitable charts.Satisfactoryanalysis ofcompany networking capital.No relevantcalculation oranalysis ofcompany networking capitalposition. Page 7 of 77 Analysis ofcompanyliquidity andcapitalstructureMax6 marksOutstandinganalysis ofcompanyliquidity positionand capitalstructureposition withrelevant ratios.Demonstratedin-depthunderstandingon importanceof liquidlymanagementand capitalstructure of afirm.Very goodanalysis ofcompanyliquidity positionand capitalstructureposition withrelevant ratios.Demonstratedvery goodunderstandingon importance ofliquidlymanagementand capitalstructure of afirm.Good analysis ofcompanyliquidity positionand capitalstructureposition withrelevant ratios.Demonstratedgoodunderstandingon importance ofliquidlymanagementand capitalstructure of afirm.Satisfactoryanalysis ofcompanyliquidity positionand capitalstructureposition withrelevant ratios.Demonstratedgoodunderstandingon importance ofliquidlymanagementand capitalstructure of afirm.Poorunderstanding ofthe analysis ofcompanyliquidity andcapital structure.No calculationshown in theassignment.ConclusionMax3 marksPresentingpreciseconclusion thatexemplarilysupported byjustification andanalysis;Presenting verysensibleconclusion thatproperlysupported byjustification andanalysis;Presentingadequateconclusion thatproperlysupported byjustification andanalysis;Demonstratinginsufficientconclusion.Providing noconclusion.Presentation,structure andacademicwritingMax2 marksDemonstrated ahigh level ofunderstandingand skills ofacademic writingby means ofcriticism, logicalargument, andinterpretation ofdata andinformation.Demonstrated agoodunderstandingand skills ofacademic writingby means ofcriticism, logicalargument, andinterpretation ofdata andinformation.Followed givenformattingguidelines.Demonstrated areasonableunderstandingand skills ofacademic writingby means ofcriticism, logicalargument, andinterpretation ofdata andinformation.Partiallyfollowed givenformattingguidelinesDemonstratedlimited skills ofacademic writingin terms ofstructure,presentation,wordings andreferencing.No satisfactoryattention ongiven formattingguidelinesFailing to meettherequirements ofacademic writingin terms ofstructure,presentation,wordings andreferencing.No attention ongiven formattingguidelines

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