HLT330- Assignment Data analysis and interpretation

HLT330- Assignment Data analysis and interpretation Qualitative Task Outline Presented here you will find one focus group transcript of actual data from a study conducted in the United Kingdom. As a lead author/researcher I can share this with you whereby all data has been made anonymous. I will now present a brief background and rationale for this study, which will help you contextualise the data and enable you to uncover any important and/or controversial themes which can then be linked back to the research aim. Background and rationale This study was undertaken in order to uncover the views and attitudes of undergraduate student radiographers in the UK relating to student feedback (so this will also be insightful to you). As academics we often felt contrasted by excellent feedback from moderators/external examiners in the UK concerning academic marking, yet when surveying student opinion the response was less than generally expected. Research aim: To uncover the rationale for low feedback scores in undergraduate radiography programmes in the United Kingdom. Method A focus group was deemed appropriate with 6 participants involved. Two focus groups were undertaken, but I am requiring you to examine one transcript only. Analysis Now that you have a background and rationale for the focus group, please download the transcript and make sense of the data and generate codes, themes and importantly theory development. Feel free to take sentences from the data and present it verbatim in your assignment. You should also use the assignment template to help you build the assignment, but this is not a prescriptive format.

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