Referencing Styles : Open In this assignment, you are to build a simple airline reservation system according to the design document providedhere. The purpose of the system is to assist staff in the management of reservations. In this regard, note that the airline is unusual in that it only operates two flights per day one from Canberra to Melbourne and the other from Melbourne to Canberra. Because of the quality of the in-flight dining, business is thriving and in order to to retain its exclusivity, the owners have no immediate intention of adding more flights or destinations. Reservations are currently taken by phone and written into a reservations diary the owners are restauranteurs and old habits die hard. The booking diary is to be replaced with a database managed by a Java desktop application through a simple Swing GUI. Interaction between the database and the application is to be via JDBC. The NetBeans IDE is to be used for development. The initial functional requirements are: 1.Start the application and connect to the database 2.Close the database connection and stop the application 3.Display all reservations 4.Display all reservations for which the number of passengers is within a specified range 5.Display the total number of passengers who have booked for a particular flight 6.Add a reservation to the database if sufficient seating is available The database design and sample data are provided in Section 4 of the design document. Data validation is not required at this stage. However, basic preconditions must be satisfied for each requirement and if these are not satisfied, an appropriate message is to be displayed. These preconditions are specified in Section 8 of the design document.. Refer to the Course Profile for a general description, due date and assessment criteria. You are required to submit your completed NetBeans project as a zip file. You are not required to include the database that you use markers will use their own copy of the database specified in the design document for marking purposes

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