how easy or difficult

how easy or difficult it was to learn

A 2Give an example of a personal learning experience that you have had recently. Describe what it was that you learned, how you learned it and how easy or difficult it was to learn A 3Describe what a learning organisation is 4Explain the advantages a business gains by being a learning organisation. A 5List some of the learning opportunities that you might observe taking place in a learning organisation. Describe how they take place and how formal or informal they are.. A Activity 2 You are the manager for the debt recovery section of a regional bank. The bank is experiencing unprecedented levels of customers defaulting on their loans as a result of an international credit crisis, soaring house prices and rising petrol prices. A recent strategic decision made by the banks board means that the bank will reduce the leniency that it has previously shown to long-term customers and will now collect loan securities as soon as they are defaulted. The board also decided to go ahead with implementation of a new IT system that will be deployed across the organisation in order to improve tracking and reporting. As a direct result, you have been given resources to hire an additional 10 collection agents taking your team to 20. You are expecting that the existing team members will resist the change to a new IT system, as they were heavily involved in the design of the current one. You are also expecting that all collection agents will be faced with personal stress as a result of increased workload and conflict with angry or upset customers.Describe the processes and tools that you will use to determine the learning and development requirements of the: bank as an organisation debt recovery section existing team members new employees A Activity 3 04/06/2015 06:04PM 1What role does performance management play in creating a learning organisation?performance management is a process by which managers and employees work together to plan , monitor and review an employees work objectives and overall contribution to the organization A 2Create a checklist of what good performance management is and what it is not. Upload your answer for assessment. Optimum file size should be less than 7MB A 3Complete the following pro forma to create a personal development/ learning plan for a member of your current team or for yourself. Upload your completed proforma for assessment.Optimum file size should be less than 7MB A Activity 4 04/06/2015 06:04PM Read the case study and answer the following questions. 1Describe how you will ensure that all of your staff get the information that is needed by the organisation in a manner that facilitates their understanding, encourages participation and minimises disruption to hospital operations A 2How could knowing your employees preferred learning styles be of benefit to you, the employee and the organisation?preferences simply point to the styles people find most comfortable,they will learn more effectively if the the learning situation accommodates their preferred styles. A 3Learning styles inventoryClick here to access the leaning styles inventory. For each of the following questions read the 3 response options and choose the first answer that comes to mind. Do not spend too much time thinking about any one question. Upload your answer for assessment. Optimum file size should be less than 7MB A Activity 5 04/06/2015 06:04PM 1Have you ever participated in a training program which has enthused you and helped you develop ideas for increasing productivity and/or building better relationships in the workplace?yes Ive participated in training program that helped me develop ideas for increasing productivity and building better relationships. A 2What happened when you tried to put these ideas into practice at work? Did you meet so many obstacles that you just gave up? Why do you think this happens? How does it make you feel?. A 3Reflect on an organisation that you are familiar with. Do the procedures of this organisation help or hinder the learning and development of individuals? Why?The organisation that Im working for have a lot of procedures this helps with the learning and development because procedures are work base and give instructions on how to do the task that needs to be done this improves your skills. A Activity 6 Undertake some research into the knowledge and skills held by the following learning and development specialist roles. What functions do they typically undertake in organisations? 1 Training/ learning and development manager. 2 Instructional designer. 3 Workplace trainer. 4 Workplace assessor. 5 External learning and development consultant. Upload your findings for assessment.Optimum file size should be less than 7MB A SECTION 2: FACILITATE AND PROMOTE LEARNING Last answered at: 04/06/2015 06:39PM Activity 7 04/06/2015 06:39PM 1Why are you completing this course and what do you hope to gain from it? 2What are the factors that will assist you to apply your learning in a workplace setting? 3What might be the barriers to your learning and to applying this knowledge in the workplace? Why are they barriers 4How can you overcome these barriers? 5What can your manager do to facilitate your learning?my manager is in a position to support and foster my workplace learning by welcome my ideas provide opportunities for learning provide work place context what i want to learn provide to reflect on learning 6Given your responses to the previous questions, what can you, as a manager, do to support the learning of your team members? Activity 8 Requiring workers who are funded to attend interstate conferences to write a summary that is circulated to other relevant staff is an example of a procedure specifically implemented in order to share corporate knowledge. Comment on the usefulness of such procedures in achieving their goal, the practicality of enforcing them and give your own example from a workplace that you are familiar with. Activity 9 Identify a specific task that you are responsible for, for example, monthly sales report.In the table provided here list the skills, knowledge and behaviours you must display in order to complete this task competently. Be as descriptive as you can in terms of the standards that must be achieved, for example, collect gross sales figures from all branches (100% accuracy required). Make a copy of this table containing your checklist. Now complete a self-assessment against this list. Give the copy of the competency list (without your self-assessment details) to a peer and ask them to also assess you. 1What did you gain by completing the self-assessment? How hard/ easy did you find it? Why? 2Did the assessment by your peer differ from your self-assessment? How and in what areas 3What were the benefits of doing a peer assessment Activity 10 1Some individuals choose not to share their experience and knowledge for a variety of reasons. Discuss what these reasons might be and what could help to negate them. Comment on the place of such people in learning organisations.

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