Referencing Styles : Harvard Part A: Entity-Relationship Modelling (40 Marks) You have just been employed as a database designer in a well-established software development rm. Your rst job is to design and implement a database system for a small medical centre in one of the Melbourne suburbs. The following information have been gathered after analysing the current practices of the medical centre. The system records information about the doctors work at the medical centre. Doctors have unique registration numbers. In addition to the registration number for each doctor, the system records the name, date of birth, gender, qualications, and specialisations. Doctors can have multiple qualications and multiple specialisations. The system keeps a record for each patient. When a new patient comes to the medical centre, the patient is given a registration form to be lled. The information gathered in this form will be stored on the system. When these information is entered to the system, a serial number is assigned to each patient. The registration form captures following information: name, address, date of birth, gender, telephone numbers (mutiple numbers are allowed), medicare number and individual reference number (IRN) (if any), private health cover number (if any), and private health cover company (if any). When a patient attends a consultation with a doctor, following information are recorded: consultation number, date, time, description, symptoms, and special remarks. Symptoms is a multi-valued attribute. A number of prescriptions can be recommended after each consultation. For each prescription, following information are recorded: name, dosage, number of repeats, and special instructions. Prescription name is not unique. However, for a given consultation a medication is prescribed only once. The doctors sometimes use other treatments (other than prescribing medicines). The system should be able to record such treatments done at consultations. The system should be able to keep accounting information. In particular, the system should be able to store payments made for the consultations. To make the matter more complicated, the medical centre offers different payment options, such as bulk-billing, full up-front payments (cash/EFT), and settling part of the invoice using a Medicare cheque and the balance in cash/EFT. In other words, the consultation fee can be paid in a number of payments. Some patients have a Medicare card and some patients are just dependents of a Medicare card holder (as such they do not have their own Medicare number). If they are dependents, they are assigned individual reference number (IRN) in the card holders Medicare card. In addition, there are some patients who do not have Medicare benets. The medical centre keeps medical histories of each patient. the system should be able to display the medical history of a patient when they attend a consultation again. Based on the information you gathered, model the activities in your clients business and present your model as an EntityRelationship diagram. Carefully state any assumptions that you make. In your ER diagram, you must properly denote allapplicable concepts, including weak or strong entities, keys, composite or multi-valued attributes; relationships and their cardinality and participation constraints. If you cannot represent any of these information in the ER model, clearly explain what limitations in the ER model restricts you from representing your model. You must use the ER modeling notation used in the textbook. You can use any tool to generate your ER model. Note that you are not required to transform the ER model to relational model. A special note: This is an open-ended question with many different models can be derived. Your model is assessed based on how accurately it represents business rules described above.

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