I am a fellow neighbor of the area a

April 5, 2018 Juan D. Ramirez 1805 South Peninsula Ave. New Smyrna Beach, FL 32138 Florida Department of Children and Families Attn: Patricia Medlock, Regional Managing Director 5290 Arlington Expressway Jacksonville, FL 32211 Dear Ms. Medlock, I am a fellow neighbor of the area and I am writing to you in concern of a little girl, Annie Mae McClary. It is well known in the community that Annie has not had the easiest of lives due to her familys economic status. However, her luck got even worse when her mom died and her dad found a new wife. Missy, the new wife, is the root of my concerns for Annie and why I am begging for your intervention so Annies awful living situation can be put to an end. Missy is a known alcoholic. Every morning as she wakes up, Annie told me once, She hit the floor with a force to stagger across the room to drink moonshine. This alcoholism leads to an extremely violent behavior which she later lets out on Annie. Annie and her little sister Susie are so scared of Missy that they hide underneath the house for the entirety of the day so they wont get a beating from her. Although both girls receive an awful treatment by their stepmother, Missy seems to not hate little Susie as much. Sadly, when the girls have to see Missy for supper, our stepmother would whip us with oak switches for no apparent reason at all, Annie said. However, Missys abuse is not only physical but also psychological. Annie, who at her young age is forced to take care of her little sister and help around the house with things such as scrubbing all the floors at home, always gets the worst part. Annie has mentioned on several occasions how her stepmother would say things to her such as stupid, ugly nigger or youre as mean as your cussed old daddy. I remember that on one occasion Annie told me how Missy broke her mothers sewing machine, the only thing that Annie had left to remember the memory of her mother. I, myself, have been the witness of the bad situation at the McClarys house. One afternoon I heard a gunshot coming from their house so I went outside to see what was going on. When I got outside, I saw Annie holding a gun towards Missy while yelling She called my mother a savage, and I am going to kill her, She deserves to be shot. Luckily for all of us, another neighbor calmed them down and brought Annie into his house. The situation at the McClarys household is bad and it doesnt seem like it is going to improve. Little Annie is constantly forced to work from dawn to sunset while she is constantly abused by her stepmother. This environment and lifestyle is not the one that a child needs in order to grow up properly and this is why I am begging for your assistance. If Missy isnt removed from the house or Annie isnt taken to a foster home where her needs will be met, Annies future is doomed due to this unfair situation. Sincerely, Juan D. Ramirez.

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