I am writing to inform you of a child

Brenja Besteman 2518 Florida Blvd South Daytona, FL 32119 Patricia Medlock 5920 Arlington Expressway Jacksonville, FL 32211 Dear Ms. Patricia Medlock, I am writing to inform you of a child in need of intervention in the Daytona Beach area. Her name is Annie Mae McClary and she is four years old. She is the child of Curtis James McClary and recently deceased Rose McClary. The absence of her mother leaves her to live with her father and younger sister, Susie, who is two years old. The father works long days at the turpentine camp, leaving the two children alone some of the time to tend to chores. Some of Annies chores include attending to food in the oven or on the stove, sewing hers and her sisters clothes and even scrubbing the homes floors. All of these are chores that should not be done without the supervision of an adult. The living situation of Annie Mae is said to be a home with no running water or electricity. The shanties had cracks and holes which allowed rats, roaches, even snakes inside. The yards in this area are only dirt, which allows it blow in through to cracks. Infections and viruses are said to be high in this area, but there are no doctors available to black people. This relates to how her mother died; due to nonsterile conditions, her mother developed childbed fever and died shortly after giving birth to twins. All of these conditions are deemed unsafe for any child and there should be a case worker sent to the site. New living conditions should be found for both children to protect their health and well-being. There is said to be a few women in and out of the childs life. The fathers first marriage after his wife passed was with a woman named Lilla. This marriage only lasted a few weeks. The next marriage was with a woman named Missy. She is known for her addiction to Moonshine and has been seen drunk by the child. When the child and her sister could hear their step mother coming home drunk, they would hide under the house, when we finally did show our faces at suppertime, our stepmother would whip us with oak switches for no apparent reason at all. The step mother has also called Annie Mae names like big ass nigger and a stupid, ugly nigger. In conclusion Annie Mae deserves to be in an environment that betters her experience as a child. Instead of being the woman of the house at age four and performing adult like tasks, she should be where she is treated like a child. She needs to be surrounded by people who treat her with respect and dont call her names of which should never be called to a child. The child should be put in a learning environment so she can expand her horizons and be able to provide herself with a better future. Her experiences will always be what make her who she is, but it is not healthy for her to grow up with these circumstances. Her father provides her great advice, He told us to be determined to go even higher. But he does not offer her the environment she deserves to grow up in as a child. The childs father is unfit to take care of her and guide her in such a crucial time.

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