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I will pay for the following article What Role Should Government Play in a Globalied World

I will pay for the following article What Role Should Government Play in a Globalied World. The work is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Thus, globalization triggers numerous ideas and the world comes across numerous opportunities for business development. Governments of the developed countries play in the arena the role of competitors. America has been known for years as a country with a highly-developed economy. Nowadays China and India are struggling for superiority in the worlds economy and politics. As a result, other global players following these changes, and relationships among different countries are changing. Max Horkheimer and Antonio Gramsci underline that the occurrence of hegemony evokes not only political or economic issues but also determine a holistic consideration about the world and defining human and social relationships on a diverse background (Keohane, 2001). Gilpin (2001) argues that there has always been a struggle among the states and the markets in the world. Neoclassic liberal economists talk about these competitive relationships on the global background too. Markets nowadays are deeply involved in the modern global context. It is relevant to advance control over different states (Gilpin, 2001). Under conditions of the modern economy, societies are able to transform. Very often researchers draw parallels between politics and economy. Therefore, changes in the modern political world are triggered by many external changes and factors. There is the following framework for the development of modern business: imperialism, class, gender, and race-ethnicity. A challenge of globalization definition can be often misinterpreted. Regional trade blocks are dominant in the modern global market (European Union, NAFTA). The national interests of the states are reflected in the activity of the trade block. EU exists and it cannot be denied that its members are united and want to cooperate on the basis of common rules.

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