Identify and analyse documentation

Technical Documentation Assessment Written Proposal Competency ICTICT408 Create Technical Documentation. Elements assessed for Written Proposal 1. Identify and analyse documentation requirements and client needs 2. Design documentation Outline You will be required to produce a business proposal for a client (LiveNet Services) who has contacted you about a documentation project. They have outlined the situation and given a summary for what is needed in your proposal. Your task is to write a business proposal about technical documentation to be developed. You are not required to write the actual documentation you are proposing (suggesting what could be done) in this part of the assignment. Scenario & Requirements LiveNet Services, a technical support company, is struggling in many areas of their business due to a lack of documentation. Key policies, procedures, and processes are undocumented. Staff are doing the best job they can, but performance in every area of the business is inconsistent due to every employee doing every task in their own unique way. The manager of LiveNet Services has reached out to you in an attempt to improve the situation. She would like you to submit a detailed proposal outlining how documentation could turn her business around. Your proposal should detail the types of documentation that need to be created. As an IT specialist technical writer, you have been asked to consider the work done for clients by the customer service technicians, and the supporting documentation that could help them in working with their clients. In particular, consider how documentation could help provide a consistent, high quality experience for the businesss clients, regardless of which technician is on site. Your proposal should outline separate documents that solve these problems: PROBLEM 1 Technicians often show their clients how to perform a particular task while they are on site. Clients often call the technician back a few days later asking how to do the task again because they have forgotten. PROBLEM 2 Jobs are quoted inconsistently. A client could receive wildly different price estimates depending on who they talk to when logging their job. Quoting should be consistent. PROBLEM 3 Technicians dont follow a standard troubleshooting approach when solving problems. This leads to jobs taking longer than they need to, and occasionally causing new problems for the client. Include at least the following details for each of the 3 problems outlined above: What type of document needs to be produced to assist? What is being documented Who will use the documentation? How is the documentation intended to be used? How will having the document improve on the current situation? Indicative length of the document Estimated time to develop each document What information will you need to collect in order to write the documentation, and what is your approach for collecting it? How will the document be accessed? Being an IT company, the manager wonders if there are any standards or best practices relating to documentation for an IT services company. Be sure to include any relevant standards, best practices, or systems that you discover through research in your proposal. Comment on how the standard/best practice/system would be applicable to the company. The manager mentions that there is surely a lot of existing documentation from vendors and technical websites that you could cut and paste from to save time. Outline the requirements and restrictions applicable when using materials from other sources in your documentation. Be clear in how you present this information to set the managers expectations appropriately about what you are allowed to do with respect to copyright legislation.

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