In my opinion less is more with everything

A simple everyday makeup tutorial In my opinion less is more with everything including makeup. I think when a person wears a lot of makeup they could hide their natural beauty which is the opposite thing most people want when wearing makeup all you need is enhance your beauty. Also, a lot of makeup might damage our skin so were going to need more makeup and damage our skin more and its very important to keep your skin healthy. When Makeup done properly might not look like makeup at all it only emphasizes your features like your lips or eyes . People wear makeup for different reasons for example it can even out skin tone, it can help hiding acne or it could simply make you feel pretty and glamorous for a certain event. I personally dont like to think that makeup is a must I wear makeup because I like wearing makeup and changing looks and I can go out without makeup anytime. The steps for everyday makeup. Skin: first we need to know what kind our skin is there is five types: oily skin: is when skin produce a lot of oil. dry skin: is when the skin is rough, dull and less elastic. combination skin: is when the skin is oily only on the T zone and normal on the rest of the face. normal skin: is when there is no imperfection and a radiant complexion. sensitive skin: is when you have redness and itching. Each type need a certain kind of preparation: Oily skin: needs a moisturizer based on water not oil and I recommend using tea tree products. Dry skin: needs a moisturizer based on oil or you can use oil like vitamin e oil. Combination skin: needs a moisturizer based on water and spray rose water it may need a different care in different areas. For normal skin: most of the moisturizer works. For sensitive: needs a medical moisturizer there is many medical brand such as Bioderma Each skin need a primer: Oily skin= mattifying primer Skin with pores = pore minimizer

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