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My Organizations Global Menu Course Content 3186.118308 (HIS-H201-3186-Fall2018-Wtby:U.S. HISTORY I) Announcements Syllabus Getting Started Course Content Discussions My Grades Assignments Power Points Links Help & Tech Support Library Study Guide Academic Resources Course Content Item Research Paper Research Paper Guidelines In order to ensure the research and writing s******s are a part of your educational experience, all students at Naugatuck Valley Community College are required to write a research paper as part of any history class they take. Our parameters are as follows An essay of six to ten pages typed and double spaced A separate page (or pages) for References APA style citations and reference page (guidelines at Purdue OWL) Resources and additional information at NVCC Library ( Your topic should fit our time frame (from pre-Columbian America to the American Civil War) and must be posted on the Discussion board and approved by me. Rough drafts will be required (and can be posted on the link under the Assignments section on Blackboard). Basic rules for formal writing are required (if uncertain check out the Toms Rules Power Point (titled Writing Rules) in Your paper will be graded using the following rubric: Strong Introduction = 5 points Well-Organized = 15 points Proper citations/references = 10 points Mechanics (grammar, etc.) = 10 points Clarity of writing .= 20 points Error Free = 10 points Strong Conclusion = 5 points Quality of Research = 10 points Content = 15 points Total = 100 points

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