In the book report,

In the book report, you should address several

A fully complete and well thought out book report is worth 100 points. Book reports should be 3-5 pages long. You may only choose one of the following books. If you turn in a report on a book not on this list, it will not be graded. If you plagiarize, you will lose points from this assignment. Of course, you must use standard font, font size, and spacing. In the book report, you should address several items: 1) the authors thesis, 2) a summary of the book, 3) your own reactions to the book, and 4) how you think the book fits in with the class. The acceptable books are as follows: 1. S. C. Gwynne- Empire of the Summer Moon 2. Sarah Vowell- Unfamiliar Fishes 3. Francisco Balderrama- Decade of Betrayal 4. Joseph Persico- Franklin and Lucy 5. Studs Terkel- The Good War 6. Roger Cohen- Soldiers and Slaves 7. Robyn Duff Ladino- Desegregating Texas Schools 8. Studs Terkel- Race 9. Gerald Blaine- The Kennedy Detail 10. John Lewis- March (Vol 1 and 2) 11. James Cone- Martin and Malcolm 12. Hampton Sides- Hellhound on His Trail 13. David Barrett- Uncertain Warriors Robert McNamara- In Retrospect Lawrence Wright- The Looming T

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