In the Catalogue search

In the Catalogue search box type the title

Finding Books and Journal Articles about Taxation Start at the Library home page: Under Top Links (right hand side), select LibGuides Click the yellow tab for Curtin Business School Choose the link for Business Law and Taxation LibGuide Finding books and journal articles In the LibGuide, choose the Books & Reserve tab In the Catalogue search box type the title of your book or journal article (if you have one) or your keywords: e.g. taxation australia; tax reform Australia etc. The screen may change to another catalogue screen. Click Search. You may get many hits in the list but use the left facets for Refine My Results/ Resource Type to choose whether you want Books or (journal) Articles etc. If you choose Books, you can then choose under Show only, Full text online. To read an online book, click the link to Online resource, login with your Curtin login and read the book online. Click the cross next to Refined by: resource type: Books or Full text Online to go back to your original list and choose again. Journal articles are also online. Just click Online resource under the details of the article to login and read the article in the database. Finding journal articles using databases In the LibGuide, choose the Journals & databases tab. [There is an i-tutorials tab here and you should run through the tutorial 5: Searching for articles on your topic to understand more about databases as this explains about using and and or between terms.] For articles in Australian journals, choose APA-FT, (a full text database within Informit Online) and login. There is a search box is on the right hand side. Type keywords for your topic or phrases e.g. tax reform ; superannuation; fringe benefits tax or fbt; gst and property; fbt and cars etc. Databases need the word and or or between unlike (and) or similar terms/synonyms (or). There is no need to add and Australia as this is an Australian database. The articles should display in date order. Some articles will have the full text PDF of the article and others may have a findit link. Clicking on findit may help you find the full article in another database. The ProQuest and Business Source Complete databases may also have articles on Australian taxation issues.

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