Includes a complete and correctly

EDU 3410: Language Arts and Linguistic Foundations Rubric: Annotated Bibliography (100 points) Criteria Quality Acceptable Developing Needs Work Includes a complete and correctly formatted APA-style entry for each of the 15 required sources 15-14 13-12 11-10 9 and under Includes a summary of the source content: The sources thesis Key points The most significant detail or evidence supporting those points 20-18 17-16 15-14 13 and under Discusses the intended audience of the work 10-9 8-7 6 5 and under Examines usefulness of the content related to the goals of the research 25-23 22-20 19-17 16 and under Evaluates credibility of the author: academic/research background 10-9 8-7 6 5 and under Identifies limitations, shortcomings, or bias in the work 10-9 8-7 6 5 and under Writes effectively: Uses academic language and appropriate point of view Uses complete sentences and paragraphs Uses correct spelling, punctuation, & grammar 10-9 8-7 6 5 and under Column totals

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