Individual Assignment Job Application Readiness

Apply the knowledge learned from the case studies, concepts, and principles learned in class to prepare for a job application and interview. The objective of this assignment is to: Hone your critical thinking skills by assessing the competencies, skills, abilities, and other qualifications required for a job. Convey your resume and cover letter that is professional and visually attractive with the right amount of content needed. Provide you with an opportunity to choose a job in an area of particular interest or application to you. Practice business writing skills in a professional document.Elements of the AssignmentPart 1) Job posting and job descriptionfind a job posting for a professional position you are interested in. Try finding the job description for the position or a similar JD under the National Occupational Registry.Copy/paste the information and provide proper website citations for the information you obtained.Port 2) Resume and Cover LetterDesign a resume that is aimd towards this position; using relevant work experience, education, volunteer work, etc.Write a cover letter that aligns with the job requirements and competencies sought by the employer.Part 3) Preparation for InterviewWrite anticipated questions and well thought out answers for the following based on the job posting and job description:1-2 introductory questions 3 behavioural based questions 2 situational based questions 2 technical questions 2 closing questions The seven middle questions can be placed in any appropriate and logical order. Report CriteriaYour document should be approximately 5-9 pages depending on your level of experience and the position you are applying to. Use Arial 12 point or similar font in 1.5 spacing. Content is more important than the number of pages. You will not lose marks if your paper is less than 5 pages of compelling content, and you will not gain marks if your paper is more than 9 pages but contains redundant descriptions and/or fine details that do not add value. Use a professional, business writing style: clear, concise, and plain language. Use descriptive headingsEvaluationPlease submit your assignment in the D2L submission box by the due date, and provide a hard copy to your instructor. Data and analysisQuantitative Analysis: use MSCI data-dont forget to use filter tool for finding NY and London residential market , some of the values are in b ckets which means that the ative values. market activity performance measur otal return, income return, capital growth) graphs can help to see the historical trend Formal forecasts (second hand?); (Simple) Expected return mean) and risk (standard deviation)- to use total return is fineQualitativea Political and economic stability, (in terms of political and economical conditions, is it a safe place to invest, state the reasons, also bear the currency changes in mind) legal framework (lease terms, property transactions, tax ,cost and agency and etc) institutional characteristics (professional services, transparency, access to information) The Word count is se to 1500 but I will not mind a 10% excess but that is the limit. So maximum possible count is 1650. Anything above that will not count but the official word count is 1500.The word count is from the Title page to the conclusions. References do not count. I also do not expect you to use a Table of Contents for this work.It is just an extended essay, with references but the references do not count for the Word Count.

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