Individual Presentation

Identify and describe Maximum score 10Examine mechanism Maximum score 20Discuss laboratory methods Maximum score 20Critically analyse factors Maximum score 25Evidence of Reading Maximum score 5Structure and Presentation Maximum score 5Individual presentation Maximum score 15 Task 3 Topic: Kaupapa Krero: Individual Presentation Aim/Kaupapa Krero: Students will demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the immunological responses and critically discuss the factors responsible for drug resistance. Learning Outcomes: 1 5 Task: Presentation You will develop a 15-minute presentation in eitherprezi.comor PowerPoint that critically analyses and discusses Salmonella spp. Your presentation must: Identify and describe the structure of Salmonella spp and its virulence factors in human host; Examine the mechanism causing the antimicrobial resistance associated with Salmonella spp with series of immunological responses mediated during infection in human host Discuss the laboratory methods used to diagnose Salmonella infection. Critically analyse the factors responsible for development of genetically diverse Salmonella spp and risks associated with it becoming a community acquired infection Submission must include the following: A coloured copy file of the presentation slides OR web link if it is a Prezi presentation. A video file of you presenting the material link shared through YouTube. Reference list should be uploaded through the Moodle drop box on an A4 page.

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