Indonesia based sharing economy platform

Assessment 2 Word limit: 2300 words (+/- 10%) Case Study: Pro App is a newly founded, Australia and Indonesia based sharing economy platform, currently seeking Series A funding in southeast Asia and Australia. It aims at providing the premium and customized offline services to satisfy local communities to outsource everyday tasks. Users describe the task and indicate a budget, community members then bid to complete the task. Students are required to conduct a research on such company with the company prospectus attached to identify the following concerns to eventually come up with a detailed change management plan associated with the job assignment of Business Analyst : 1. The initial business process (before Covid-19), which is enabled and enacted by an advanced information system. The entire process needs to be prescribed by BPMN diagram. 2. The challenges of change management in response to Covid-19 need to be further recognized and analyzed by providing a comprehensive change management plan to address the concerns from business stakeholders. 3. An updated business process (as question 2 outlined) need to be clarified with changes and further explanations on BPMN diagram. Submission deadline: Friday, Week 14, 3 June, 23:59 PM Your submission must adhere to the following requirements Page 1: Cover page Cover Page should include: Topic: Student Number: Lecturer Name: Campus: Word count(excluding Cover page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Diagrams and References) Page 2: Executive Summary Page 3: Table of Contents Page 4+ ( Project contents and references )

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