Interpersonal Communications Assessment

Interpersonal Communications Assessment

Interpersonal Communications Assessment In this assessment, you will need to select an interpersonal skill and evaluate where you were with the skill before the course started, what you have learned through course content, where you are now, and where you hope to be. These should be 2-3 pages and can use first person. Your paper should include the following:(1) An introduction what you plan to talk about, specifically needs to include the skill (2) A preview of how your paper will progress (one sentence usually at the end of the first paragraph, telling the reader what your three main points are)(3) Three paragraphs: one includes where you started with the skill, one about where you are now, one about what you have learned about that skill in the course(4) A conclusion, which includes where you hope to be with the skill in the future(5) A reference page for any and all citations.Additional information (also refer to the grading checklist for this assignment):(1) The essay must be typed and look professional.(2) Length: 2-3 pages (1 margins/12 pt. font/Times New Roman). DO NOT EXCEED 3 PAGES. The reference page is not included in the limit.(3) You should apply the course readings/texts/lectures.(4) The overall organizational pattern of your paper should be obvious, logical, and clearly move from point to point. Be sure there is a clear introduction, purpose statement, preview, body points, and conclusion. Also be sure to use transitions.(5) You must thoroughly explain and justify your answers.(6) Proofread your paper. Points will be taken off for grammatical and spelling errors. Interpersonal Communications Assessment

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