ISIT302 2015 Cross Campus Employer

Referencing Styles : Harvard The presentation from Richard Naden, Senior Enterprise Architect, DELL Malaysia during the Employer Project kick-off session alludes to the challenges of life-cycle management of information technology systems. As a prospective network manager you will be required to manage IT systems in a number of different time frames year to year (e.g. life cycle), day to day maintenance (e.g. personnel, equipment spare, software patches) and the here-and-now (e.g. alarm management, security alerts). Ideally, all of these time frames should be integrated into one system. However, as Richard explains, IT systems never stay as they are originally designed the challenge is to integrate evolution of these systems in ways that enable the integrated whole to be maintained without becoming disorganized, disjointed or chaotic. There is an industry-based system that addresses these issues called the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). ITIL is made up of five publications that endeavour to cover the life-cycle management requirements of generic IT systems: 1. Service Strategy 2. Service Design 3. Service Transition 4. Service Operation 5. Continual Service Improvement b. The initial goals of the group project is to encourage you to learn about ITIL independently with reference to the challenges identified by Richard during the Employer Project kick-off session on Tuesday 17 March (Lecture Week 3) as follows: 1. Large footprint 2. Lifecycle Management ensuring components are current and not aging 3. Operational Management keeping the lights on, metrics & uptime, change control, documentation, tools 4. Process Management change processes, maintenance processes 5. Configuration & Compliance Standards 6. Inventory and Vendor Support Management 7. Real time incident alerting 8. Financial Management

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