ITC508 Object Modelling 202030 Assignments

Page 1 of 2ITC508 Object Modelling 202030 Assignments Case Study, v1.0Swifty Unified Management System (SUMS)Swifty is a vehicle rental business recently established in Melbourne. Their business is growing rapidlyand they require a new unified information system that will be used by operational staff, managers andvehicle servicing partners. Your company has been awarded the contract for development of this unifiedsystem, abbreviated as SUMS. In your role as a system analyst, you have gathered the following visionof how clients wants their new system to work.Siwfty have a variety of vehicles available for hire such as small or medium cars, luxury cars, SUVs,Utes, minivans and small trucks. These vehicles are usually parked at one of the depots. There arecurrently two depots under Swiftys possession but more will be added later. To book a vehicle for rent,customers can either visit company website, or call the customer service or visit one of their depotcounters. The website and online booking process is already implemented through a separate systemand is out of scope. On the other hand, phone and in-person bookings should be handled by SUMS.For both phone and in-person bookings, the process is mostly similar. The customer servicerepresentatives (CSRs) ask the customer about their vehicle requirements including type of car, bookingdates, drivers age, pickup and drop off points. CSRs key in the customer requirements and systemreturns a list of cars that are available on the said dates, along with the rental costs. CSRs briefly explainthis information for customers, who may then choose to proceed with a booking. CSR would then askfor customers primary information (name, DoB, address etc.) and key it in so see if a profile alreadyexists in the system. If it is a new customer, a new profile has to be created. Using the suppliedinformation, a tentative booking is created and a customer invoice is generated.Customers can pay for the rental over the phone, or they may choose to pay in person at the counterwhen picking up the vehicle. Depending on customer requirements, a booking can also include extrassuch as baby car seats, GPS navigation units, additional insurance protection etc. Once a booking ismade, customers may also call or visit to change/cancel a booking. On the day of car pickup, customervisits the depot and provides a proof of their identity. They are also required to pay a holding depositwhich varies according to the type of car. After finishing the paperwork, they drive the car away. Uponreturn, they drop off the keys and the staff records all the updates in the system. Staff also record thefuel gauge and odometer readings at pickup and drop off times.The administration staff are required to maintain an up to date database of all cars in the system. Forexample when a new vehicle is added to fleet, the system must be updated with all necessary data likemake, model, year, seating capacity, mechanical specifications and in-car facilities. A vehicle may needto be removed from the system once it is retired, or it may need to be marked as temporarily unavailabledue to repair or service etc. Additionally, vehicle registration payments, toll payments and insurancepremiums are to be recorded in the system, including the payment due dates.To maintain business reputation, all vehicles must be routinely washed and serviced. Swifty have aservice partner who handle minor vehicle care jobs (like car wash or fuel fill-up) or major mechanicaljobs (like routine service or mechanical repairs). It is expected that SUMS provide a feature to keeprecords of which vehicle needs what kind of service. For example, when a vehicle needs an oil changeservice, an admin staff keys this requirement into the system which then sends an email notification tothe service partner. The staff at service partner also have access to SUMS system where they login torecord pickup-for-service and drop-off-after-service events. Similarly they key in information about whatkind of service or repair was performed, what new parts (if any) were installed, and they can also uploadthe invoices for the servicing job. Some major repair jobs require an advance payment. Once a paymentis made by Swifty, the admin staff can mark an invoice as paid in SUMS. Note that payment handling isnot part of SUMS, it is only the payment notifications that are to be implemented.School of Computing & MathematicsFaculty of Business, Justice and Behavioural SciencesPage 2 of 2The managerial staff want an ability to generate some business reports so that they can get an idea ofhow the business is running. A variety of reports are planned, for example, weekly or monthly total rentalearnings, per-car rental earnings, vehicle utilization reports, repair history for each vehicle, customerdemographics, at-risk customers etc. Some reports would need to include visualizations and charts foreasier data analysis.Finally, to reduce the changes of vehicle loss or theft, admin staff and managers should be able to tracklive location of each vehicle. Swifty has contract with a third party who have installed highly securelocation trackers in all of their vehicles. The third party also maintains a web server which (on the backend) continuously communicates with each tracker to know live location of each car. SUMS should beable to interact with that web server to retrieve location data of any vehicle the staff want to see. Thelocation should be displayed on a map in an easy to use user-interface.

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