Last day of week 6, 11:55 p.m. See

Writing an Analysis Due Date:Last day of week 6, 11:55 p.m. See Calendar or Instructional Plan. Value of Assignment:15% of final grade Passing Grade:55% Length:500-600 words Submission Instructions:Submit your work as a .doc/.docx or .pdf file to the assignment submission folder titled Analytical Writing Assignment. Please do not submit your work as a zipped folder. Evaluation:See below for details. This is an individual assignment. See below for details instructions. Rationale This assignment is an opportunity to write an analysis and apply APA@Conestoga style by Expressing a point of view in response to a written prompt Applying the three-step process (plan, write, revise) to create a variety of academic and workplace documents Applying knowledge of standard Canadian English Grammar, spelling, and punctuation to academic and professional writing Integrating sources using appropriate documentation format Evaluation The rubric for assessing this assignment is hereRubric for Analytical Writing. The policy for late submission of student work can be found in the Course Information module in this course. Directions 1 Chooseonly oneof the following topics to writeeithera cause analysisoran effect analysis: Analysis of Causes What are the most important factors that cause a new business to be successful? What are the most important decisions that a young person can make today to lead them towards a successful business career? What are the major/most important causes of [choose your own focus] Analysis of Effect What are the most significant effects of todays smartphone / social media / video game habits on a young persons ability to succeed in the business world? What are the major effects of minimum wage increases on small businesses in Ontario? What are the major/most important effects of [choose your own focus] 2Use theAnalytical Writing Templateto complete an outline for your analysis, if you wish. Please donotsubmit this document with the final assignment 3Integrateoneexternal source that supports your position. 4Write the first draft of your process analysis (500-600 word) based on your outline. Cite your source using both an in-text citation and a Reference page according to APA@Conestoga style. 5Use APA@Conestoga format for your summary: Use 12-point Arial font. Double space your analysis. Include a title page according tothis format from The Learning Commons. Include a Reference Page following APA@Conestoga documentation style. 6Revise your draft based to ensure it reads clearly and that it follows the rubric, the assignment instructions, and the resources provided in eConestoga Weeks 5 and 6.

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