Learning Materials: Business Computing

5/25/2020 Week 11: Learning Materials: Business Computing (2010)https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/71348/pages/week-11-learning-materials?module_item_id=2056754 1/2Week 11: Learning MaterialsThis week1. The Take Home Case Study is published under Week 11- Learning Activities and Assignments2. This coming week, week 11 A practice quiz is provided, to help you review importantConcepts and to help you familiarise yourself with the Lockdown Browser Respondus.(Password: practice)It is important to note that the questions in Assessment Three Test will be different as theywill be based on the case study. (https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/71348/pages/week-11-learning-activities?module_item_id=2056755)3. Your Test in week 12 will take place in your regular class-time session. It will be conductedonly in the first session. Confirm with your teacher.4. Prior to week 12, you must read, research and prepare the given scenario to answerquestions on the case study in week 12 test. Without preparation and researching the casestudy, you will be unable to answer questions in the Test.In week 12 Test, there will be five long answer questions over 90 minutes.Each answer to be approximately half a page (A4)Students responsibility to have a computer and software that enables this testAs a general guide pretend you are discussing the subject for the first time to a friend, closecolleague or family member. You would never jump in and start explaining something without firstexplaining why the topic is important and in what context it is useful. You will need to supplementyour answer with examples/ information from the research you have conducted prior to doing thetest.An ideal answer will have the following components:1. An introduction (one paragraph) that in your own words provided context for the answer.This might entail defining key concepts and terms By providing a good introduction andexamples the lecturers will obtain greater insight into the students knowledge2. The answer. Make sure you understand the question and you provide the correct technicalanswer. You can use dot points or tables if it helps the answer flow3. Provide examples/information from your research.If you are unable to sit the test as per allocated schedule, you must apply through RMITUniversity Portal the link is: Special consideration RMIT University.(https://www.rmit.edu.au/students/student-essentials/information-for/students-at-partners-outsideaustralia/assessment-and-exams/special-consideration)5/25/2020 Week 11: Learning Materials: Business Computing (2010)https://rmit.instructure.com/courses/71348/pages/week-11-learning-materials?module_item_id=2056754 2/2(https://www.rmit.edu.au/students/student-essentials/information-for/students-at-partnersoutside-australia/assessment-and-exams/special-consideration) Upon starting the quiz for thefirst time only the following message will appear:Respondus LockDown Browser requiredThis quiz requires Respondus LockDown Browser. Please launch Respondus LockDown Browserto take this quiz or view your quiz results.If you have not already installed the browser, please download it from here: [DownloadRespondus LockDown Browser] (https://www.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?ID=757253166) (https://www.respondus.com/lockdown/download.php?ID=757253166)

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