LEGAL103 Legal Method A

LEGAL103 Legal Method A

LEGAL103 Legal Method A, 2020Case PresentationThis assignment has been redesigned in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to removethe need for students and staff members to meet face-to-face for either preparation orpresentation.The new version of this assignment, which is called Case Presentation rather than GroupPresentation is worth 30% of the overall mark for this paper. This has been increased from20% in order to reflect the added effort that will be necessary to produce your casepresentations individually, and in writing. There will now be a single submission date for allstudents case presentation, rather than staggering presentations across two teachingweeks. This single submission date is Friday 3 April 2020 by 5pm. Submissions must bemade through Moodle. A submission box will shortly be made available for this purpose,and instructions will be given on successful submission, in advance of this date.This assignment counts for 30% of the overall assessment for this paper.Your assignment must be submitted via Moodle before 5pm (17:00) on Friday 3 April 2020.There is a page limit of four sides (note this does not mean four two-sided pages). This limitdoes not include a standard assignment cover sheet, or a bibliography. 10 points will bededucted if this page limit is exceeded.Refer to the paper outline for formatting instructions, and ensure that these are adhered to.You must include an assignment cover sheet (the template for this is available on the lawstudent home page:, which must have your name and/or studentidentification number clearly visible. 10 points will be deducted if this information is notclearly available.Ensure that you reference sources correctly, using footnotes where appropriate, and includinga bibliography that corresponds to the New Zealand Style Guide requirements. Yourbibliography will not count in your four page limit.Note: for this assignment your bibliography (list of sources used) is unlikely to be long andwill probably extend to the case itself, any commentary on the case that you have referred to,and perhaps also any other cases where the case you focus on is cited.Specific instructionsEach student should produce a written presentation on one of the cases listed below. If youhave already been assigned a group and a case (in anticipation of the group presentation)then please continue to focus on the case you were given. If, for whatever reason, you werenot assigned a group and/or have not been given a particular case, please select any one ofthe cases below (do not write a presentation on more than one of these cases).Note that this is a legal presentation. As such you should focus on relevant legal sources,and in particular on the case report itself. You should briefly justify your use of secondarysources (case notes, journal articles, textbook chapters etc) referred to. These can beextremely helpful. But take care to consider their reliability and appropriateness.Your written presentation should include the following:1. Describe how you found this case, and how you found any supporting materials.2. What is the case about? (what is the story?)3. What is the decision/judgment/conclusion of the case?4. Why is this case significant? (How might it be applied?)You may use the space you have within page limit in whatever you think best. For instancethere is no expectation that equal space will be given to each of the above four elements. Butdo make sure that you have included each of them.It will help to make your presentation clear if you use the numbering provided above. Forinstance when you are describing how you found your case, number your answer to this as1).In the instruction box above you will see that references and a bibliography are required. Youshould consult the New Zealand style guide for guidance on the format and requirements forreferencing and bibliographies. A quick guide is available here, but you may need to consultthe full version: may also wish to consult our law librarians for assistance with referencing queries.You do not need to choose one of these cases if you have already been assigned one. If youhave not yet been assigned a case, please choose one from the list below:Case list:R v Shaheed [2002] 2 NZLR 377.R v Hallett [2013] 3 NZLR 407R v Smith [1959] 2 QB 35Butler v New Zealand Police [2015] NZHC 2577Police v Christie [1962] NZLR 1109. (HC)Coleman v Power (2004) 220 CLR 1 [High Court of Australia]Melser v Police [1967] NZLR 437. (CA)

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