Lessing Farms negotiation to beheld

Instructions Your assignment for Module 8 & 9 is to read and prepare for the Campbell-Lessing Farms negotiation to beheld in Module 10 class. Please read the Campbell Lessing Farms_GenInfo, the Campbell Lessing Farms_Map and Your Role for Campbell Lessing Farms_Role found on Module 9. Prepare a negotiations plan for your role.Bring two hard copies of your negotiations planto Module 10 class. One copy is to be handed in and one copy is to be used during the negotiations. You will only get marks for this assignmentifyou hand in a copy of yourNegotiation Planat the beginning of Module 10 class.You do not have to submit your Negotiation Plan to this dropbox. Your Negotiation Plan shouldcontain thefollowing: 1. What are the issues to be negotiated? 2. What are the priorities among the issues in the bargaining mix? 3. What are the primary underlying interests? 4. What are my limits on each issue walkaway points and BATNAs? 5. What are my target point and opening requests on these issues? 6. Who are the important constituencies to whom I am accountable? 7. What do I know about the other negotiators interests, negotiating style, and personal reputation? 8. What overall strategy do I want topursue? Your plan will be marked as: 0/10 No Preparation Submission 2.5/10All content is not covered and / or is not comprehensive or well thought out and did not participate in negotiation. 5/10 All content is not covered and / or is not comprehensive or well thought out or did not participate in negotiation. 7.5/10 All content is covered but not enough detail.Participated in negotiation. 10/10 All content covered,content is comprehensive and well thought out. Participated in negotiation.

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