Listening Essay (jazz music),

Listening Essay (jazz music), writing homework help

Question description Requirements:Chose one of the three topics below1,500 word minimumInclude a bibliography of at least four sources, not including the textbook. At least two sources must be from books or journal articles (including jazz magazines like DownBeat or JazzTimes). Web sources must be from official artist sites, reputable news sites, or record labels. Wikipedia and are not acceptable sources. Cite sources in MLA or Chicago style format.Listening Essay Topics:Topic 1:Choose a well known jazz composition to research and compare three recordings by three different jazz artists. Compare the melodic interpretations, rhythmic grooves, styles, arrangements, moods, forms, and/or styles of improvisation of the three recordings. Also briefly discuss the origin of the composition.Topic 2:Analyze, compare, and discuss the musical styles and philosophies of Louis Armstrong and Bix Beiderbecke. Discuss their musical backgrounds and influences, as well as the political and/or social conditions shaped their musical lives. Focus on the hot jazz approach of Armstrong in contrast to the cool, reflective side of Beiderbecke. Investigate the reasons for Armstrongs world-wide popularity as opposed to Beiderbeckes relative obscurity.Topic 3:Compare and contrast the music and musicians of Miles Daviss 1940s bebop recordings, 1950s quintet, 1960s quintet, and fusion ensembles from the 1970s and 80s. Discuss the musical characteristics, repertoire, band members, and important recordings of each ensemble. Also discuss the evolution of Miles Daviss trumpet playing.

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